More Derelicts Released

Happy to say that today I managed to release two more Player Submitted Derelicts from Dev to Live. These were submitted by Levi Gage. Creating these can be very time consuming especially when you provide not only the art but also the text, so grats to Levi.

Currently I have Four more submissions in my ‘to do’ queue. Having players do the art and text takes a huge chunk out of the process, but they still require coding into the DB, artwork preparing and text adding to each section. Then of course a walk about and test :)

If you have sent in a submission bare with me whilst i work my way through them :)

I’d like to also add a few small tips those those of you current ploughing through a submission. Just a few pointers really from my perspective.

If sending ion the section text, please do so in plain text format. Each section should also have a title IE Galley, Crews Quarters, etc.

Try, try, try, to keep to scale. A few submissions have made me feel a little like Alice in wonderland with chairs as big as engines etc. So please resize to fit :)

If using lifts / stairs / methods of travel – please ensure on your main overview images you mark CLEARLY that A connects to B etc. A few have been very vague only this goes up lol.

At the end of the day anything that saves me time means it gets done quicker :)


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  1. Wannabekilla says:

    I noticed some new derelicts. It will be more fun to explore now

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