Mining Expansion

Mining in CE is a fairly simple affair, there are 75 Asteroid Fields populated with various resources to collect. This is done with the use of Mining Lasers and Asteroid Scanners.

The Asteroid scanners give you a total Scan Rating and the Mining laser gives a percentage bonus at the time the trigger is pulled. This all then goes towards what you can ‘locate’ within the Asteroid Field and what appears in your three loot windows.

Nothing new there, and that in its-self will not be changing. But what has been needed for a while now was more ceiling height in Scan Rating and more resources to find.

That IS going to change.

New Asteroid Scanners
for the last week I’ve chained a few of the staff to a wall, gave them some chalk and told them to start creating more schematics. The fruits of their labours are beginning to arrive on the Dev server and we now have new Asteroid Scanners that go as high as level 180. Of course these are player crafted, so these are not going to be cheap or easy to craft knowing our resident staff’s penchant for awkward builds :)

These new scanners will mean that your no longer stuck with using a level 2,3,4 standard Asteroid scanner and in fact we have nearly tripled the Scan Rating capabilities.

More Scan Rating More Resources
Of course what’s the point in raising your Scan Rating if there is noting to scan for? Well up till now mining has consisted of scanning for up to around 40 resources. This list is about to expand to 106! Miners will now be able to gather a lot more of the in game resources. Of course this will mean using the best gear you can lay your hands on (see above) :)

Asteroid Shake Up
With the addition of all these new mining resources to the Asteroid Fields this also meant we had to shake up the fields contents. This one point alone is why I’m ‘pre empting’ the change with a post. This give you time to acknowledge and understand that the fields you see today may be different tomorrow when this change goes to live.

No Loss Just Expansion
The process of scanning & mining won’t change just the contents of the fields and an expansion to the resource list and raising the scan rating way above its current levels. Resources already mined in game will maintain their Scan Rating level, so you won’t be loosing anything, only gaining a nice new opportunity to expand your career.

Server Downtime
To facilitate this change we need to take the server down for a short time tomorrow. This will be at 2:00 PM Game time.
I can’t be exact but I suspect it will be for approx 15-20 minutes whilst we clear out the old fields and inject new contents then run a few quick tests.

Happy Hunting Coops

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