Midsummer Pavilion Collection

The festival grounds are taking shape now.

On the ‘Artistic Alley’ the first traders have arrived and are preparing their booths.
A lot of crafters are expected to show their talents in creative skills here.
It’s even rumoured, that at some stage Rexx Shredd will arrive to present his latest fashion designs.

The ‘Sports Alley’ is great fun to watch or to participate.
Some games are the opposite of what you would expect.
For example, to win a prize in the Ribblez Bowling contest, you need to evade 5 strikes in a row, which is very difficult when the Ribblez multiply.

Also the missing staff members have arrived now, but they are a bit upset.
Although the collection of BBQ items seems to go well, it turns out the ships of Prev and Shinter were also raided by pirates.

Prev and Shinter were carrying some crucial resources to build up the Pavilions, where the BBQ is supposed to be served.
Prior to that there a big Tombola Party is planned, in which fortunate captains can win resources and items, that were donated by private sponsors for this Festival.
The Pavilions would also be the places, where captains can chill, relax, tell stories, have a pint or just enjoy the music from bands from all over the known Galaxies.
But to be honest, listening to the Naristo Cover Band isn’t appreciated by all captains I spoke so far, that had already seen and heard this band play.

To be able to give you all the accommodation we had in mind, we are now short of some modules to build these Pavilions.

Again I ordered my AI to adjust the BBQ Collection NPC’s for a separate collection.
You will be rewarded for this BBQ module collection separate from the BBQ resources collection.

I humbly request all crafters to assist us in this final building stage, so that we can open this Festival for visitors as soon as possible.

You can locate the BBQ Collection NPC by using the CE Finder icon on the bottom of your screen.

All that take part in this collection will receive a handsome reward and the top 10 donating captains will receive a very special prize.

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