Merry Christmas From Coops

As I have just been reminded Santas sleigh is only 3 and a bit hours away from landing in Australia so some of you will be seeing him way earlier than the rest of us. Don’t go stealing all the best pressies!

I wanted to say a very Merry Christmas or Festive Period (for those not celebrating the event) and to offer everyone a Free Special Santa Present. All you have to do to claim it is come into Chat and Wish us all a Merry Christmas. You might want to throw an @coops in there somewhere so I know you’re claiming

Whats the Present I hear you ask?

A Shiny gift Wrapped Christmas Resource Token! on me

Should you simply not want a Christmas Resource Token let me know and claim a 5K Fuel Ticket on me!

I wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas!


P.S As I’m bound to be asked – One CLAIM PER ‘Human Player’ Sorry otherwise I’ll have alts coming out of the woodwork.

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