Merry Christmas Fellow Exiles

With Christmas looming on the horizon, I wanted to take some time to wish you one and all a Merry Christmas from the Cooper Family. This will be our first Christmas with Harper and as such whilst I will be around over the Festive Period, not perhaps as much as the last few years.

I am running the Coops 20th Challenge over Christmas and into the New Year and will be checking in to make sure everything is going smoothly and updating the Goodie Bag. (Might be time to shake that one up this year?)

I’m also going to be looking closer at those that take part and those that just login and mine for five mins etc. I think the challenge needs to lean in some way to reward for effort.

2024 is going to be crazy busy for me as I fully intend to roll out the initial stages of not only Battleships – but also the expansion of an entirely new Galaxy, new companies, new factions and new ways of doing things (in Battleships) Of course that means releasing ‘Building Battleships’ something I’ve been holding off on as there is little point to you finalising builds on them if there is nowhere to go with them :)

Beside wishing, you all a Festive Seasonal period, I also want to take some time to acknowledge two things. This first is the Staff. They give their time freely to help me keep the game moving smoothly and to aid players both new and old. A big thank you and also to those who have been working with me on various projects and elements of CE over the year.

Secondly, A VERY large thank you to those of you that have shown your support this year. Be that financially via the Store, or through the Patreon page. Even simply talking to your friends and colleagues about CE and dragging them in to the game :) It’s a sad fact that we can no longer to advertise like we used to and have tightened our belt with Servers this year, but we still offer a 365 server access. So your support, both Financial and social, is all the more important these days.

Lastly, look out for some VERY special mechs being dropped this year in to the Arena’s these will be challenge mechs that will need a team of you to take down. Everyone that takes part in taking these down will earn a special bonus.

The same goes for in game ships and RAID’s I will release more info on this the close we get. Plus, of course, keep your eyes open for header messages where I will be giving away the Kitchen sink in chat…!

Have a great December…



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  1. Argos says:

    Decision on where to spend our Winter Holidays free time is always a hard choice. So many things on offer from so many different sources . And of course almost all games out there have special events. But Core Exiles as always offers so much more. Its the challenges , the presents , the community atmosphere.., You feel its like a second home in a galaxy far far away from home. I am sure I will be spending most of my free time this Christmas playing Core Exiles. Thank you Coops and all other captains out there.

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