Merlin Range Extended

A while back we expanded the functionality of the Orbital Refinery. We added an Advanced Refinery section, a series of new drones, an Advanced Ore Store and of course the Automated Merlin Refineries.

All this enabled you to expand your mining / refining systems and start to stock pile and process more ores from the Orbital refinery. We even added the ability for you to transfer the resources to your ship or move via C.S.T.S to a remote location.

Yesterday saw the expansion of this take another step. It was two fold, the first was the addition of allowing the Advanced Ore Store to ‘Pull’ Fragments stored in your Commercial Stores to the A.O.S.

The second was to release a new extended range of Merlin Refineries. These are specialised and each one is geared to convert Fragments into their base component resource.

Skill & Certification
The new AMR refineries will require a higher level of Refining Skill to deploy (and operate). They also have a base conversion rate that can be affected depending on three Certificates. Two certificates affect the base requirement whilst one affects the yield.

I’ve added these schematics to the game, in fact this all went out yesterday evening, but I was a little tied up to write a Dev post for them.

Hopefully this will add some flavour and options that some of you have been looking for.


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