Mech Week 2013 is coming

Christmas Mech Week 24th Dec – 1st Jan

We are planning another week of festive action using the Mech Zone over the Christmas / New Year break.

The overall premise is for players to see if they can beat the Staff in a ‘Week of Mech Mayhem’. The competition will carry with it Server Wide bonuses should players breach certain goals. Plus at the end of the week the top 20 Mechs still standing will be awarded special prizes!

Starts When : Starts This coming Tuesday the 24th @ 14:00 Game Time.

Ends When : Ends Wednesday the 1st @ 14:00 Game Time.

For more details, including detailed rules and prizes for this event, please visit our main Forum here:

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  1. dark empathy says:

    Awsome, relly glad this is back, I was worried there wouldn’t be one of these this year and christmas just wouldn’t be the same.

    I’ve got more mech parts than I know what to do with, and my Mech’s love a chance to get into the killing floo’ —- mmm, the Arena.

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