MECH WAR – 24th / 1st

It thought I’d make a reminder to push the fact that we will be running a MECH WAR – Staff VS the Players this Christmas Holiday break. Runs from 14:00 Game Time on the 24th of December till 14:00 on the 1st of January.

You can read all about it OVER HERE but I wanted to let you know that if you want to take part and don’t have any mech parts to make a set of mechs then you should look OVER HERE and to log into the Game chat as often as you can and keep your eyes open for our give-aways leading up to and during the mech war.

If you’ve not taken part in a mech war before take a few minutes to read the link post above. It’s normaly fun, and even if you only have one or two mechs to use its worth playing to help the Players beat the Staff.

There are a lot of Prizes up for grabs besides the large Server Wide Fuel rewards.

I’ll be there for the full week over Christmas including Christmas and boxing day, so perhaps I’ll see you there!



  1. FishON says:

    Good Luck Guys….win us some free fuels 😀

  2. Darakhoranon says:

    Your mechs will be terminated!

    Ok, seriously, mech combat is the only “pvp” aspect of CE – and it doesn’t have any actual impact on your playing experience. It’s just something you can do “along the way”, with little cost in time and ingame resources. So what’s not to like?

  3. Sukayo says:

    Fine, where are all my mech parts, the next assembly plant, the best layouts? And how to manage three areanas at once, any hint?
    Mech war can be a lot of fun, but also lead some pilots to terminate theire accounts.

    • Zoorland says:

      Mech parts are in the Misc section of your Ship Store, but you’ll rarely have any need to look at them since the assembly plants organize and show them for you. Mech Assembly Plants can be easily tracked with the Core-Exiles Promenade Finder, which can be accessed by clicking on its icon; third from the right on the bottom in-game toolbar. But as a starting point, try the one on the planet Grelia in the Drakos system in Sphere, the one on Starbase-67 in Zercry, Furnace, or perhaps the one on the planet Peull in Kalerd, Verec-per. There are currently 11 others, if those don’t fit your needs.

      To watch all three arenas at once, just use the Full Output view (top left link on any of the individual arena views). Though, personally, I find it much easier and more intuitive to have three separate tabs open; one for Alpha, one for Beta, and one for Charlie. If you’re even able to enter all three to begin with.

      As for the best builds… haha, that would be telling. :p

      I have to say, though, I find it very unlikely that anyone would get that worked up over a mech event to delete their account. :/

    • pikolinianita says:

      Raptor 2/ Adv Missile weapon pack, regen 4 armour, basic AI – expensive and most common.

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