Level Six Has Arrived

Level Six
I’ve worked on an off on the nuts and bolts of level six for two years. It’s an expansive add-on in the terms of game advancement for settlements and for adding items like Player Made Ships and Starbase crafting.

But I would caution you to be ready for some VERY expensive challenges ahead. Leveling to Six will not be a simple press a button and you’re there. Many of you will find you have squandered SRP or inversely not researched things you will need to level.

Inevitably some of you will be disappointed, that is the nature of games you can’t please every one, and make it a fair advancement for those that have worked long and hard.

Player Made Ships
These will be open to everyone over a given level (approx 30’s) these have Skill Points across the board as their primary lure and also a ‘To be Expanded’ Crew system. This will enable you to add crew to your ship who will carry out given tasks for you along with giving certain boosts to certain areas of the game. We will be expanding this system over the 1st month that level six is out.

Lets not forget that Player made ships requires you to own a UHL to move in and out of one and purchase it from the Players Settlement Store. But on the flip side you will be able to order a ship from your friendly crafter that is tailored as close as they can make it to your level and requirements.

There is a story line element that’s been on hold until Level Six was released. This will begin to unfurl over the next few weeks and months. This will give credence and need to Player owned Starbases. Make no mistake a Starbase is a Gargantuan feat of crafting both in costs and resources and Time.

Players CAN if they choose craft / purchase the Hubs and build their very own starbase, but they are designed for Guilds to actually operate and control due to the eye watering costs involved in owning and running one.

Level Six Settlements
You may only EVER own 2 Level Six settlements. Licenses are issued on a per Account basis. Use two and you wont get another. So CHOOSE wisely. You may if you wish own any variation of the three Specializations. Industrial Commercial, Starbase Crafting, Starship Crafting. Even two of the same style should you really want.

Commercial and Industrial Level Six has not been left out and you will be able to visit Ellie and purchase some extra Franchise buildings like ORSA, Rare Ore Refinery and your Own Malls. Perhaps you’ll enjoy having your own Settlement repair system and you can be sure you will need to balance your books no matter what you do.

Then What..

For me Level Six was about expansion and opening new doors. Level Six will allow me to start adding more and more specialism buildings for each spec and expanding the already large selection for a settlement owner. These buildings in turn will offer your visitors more and more choice.

But first we need to release level six and see how it all gels in a live environment.


  1. dark empathy says:

    And I finally am getting my own pm ship with my own crew! this is an addon to the game that truly affects everyone even if we haven’t quite seen starbases up and running yet.

  2. whych says:

    Coops I forgot my password, did a reset, no email received !!

    Captain Whych

    • admin says:

      Three password resets were sent to the address on file. (same as used here) I can only suggest you check your spam and deleted folders. Otherwise contact a member of staff in chat and they will reset your in game password for you.


      • whych says:

        did a reset again today, I got no email replies.


        • admin says:

          Again – I ask that you come in to chat and one of the staff will do a manual reset for you. BOTH the rests you asked for were sent (I get copies emailed to me) so I know all of them have gone out. Again I ask you check your SPAM folders. Many players that leave us and come back at some later point often mark CE mail as spam in the interim and forget.

          Other than that check your deleted items or lastly we simply don’t have the correct address on hand for you. I wont paste it here as this is public. Feel free to email me @ coops@news.core-exiles.com.


  3. Sukayo says:

    Done, license bought, decision made, now needing 2 years more to gather all those resources.

  4. UncleBod says:

    So, at last they are here… How is the first non staff with a level & sett?

    • admin says:

      The Settlement entitled ‘CSA RESTRICTED’ is there as a test settlement on live so we can run through any issues that players may face. This settlement is a restricted staff only test platform and only used for the purpose outlined.


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