Level Seven Looms

Seeing as I’ve been head down in lines of code for a while now I figured it time to raise my head and let you in on a few things coming next.

I made a reply to a post last week that got me about 20 private messages asking all kinds of questions :) But one thing that my post made clear was that before we can move forward with certain elements your all waiting on we need to enable Settlements to grow.

By this I mean beyond level Six. My plans long term are to allow settlements to continue to grow probably up to level 10 eventually placing a hard cap around about there.

Getting a settlement TO level Six is a mean enough task but one that has been accomplished by over 70 of you so far and with another 119 at level Five we can see the need to increase the ceiling on these.

Level Seven Settlements and Beyond will become the power houses of the Core-Exiles game. Each one will be able (regardless of Level Six Spec) to begin to place more buildings geared up to the defence of the Galaxies and the overthrowing of the AI threat.

Long term Settlements will be the go to place for Starbase owners to ‘order’ their add-ons and structures required to make their starbase a strong hold and bastion of defence and economic power house.

Only Settlements level Seven and above we be able to house these new buildings and services and also only level Seven and above will eventually be able to be home to a Corporation.

Whilst I’m still hammering out Corporations players will eventually be able to create, stock and run a corporation of their own. Your own mini fleet of vessels.

But for now….

One thing any level six owner will want to ensure is that they have a ‘Bunker’ installed on their settlement. If unsure of what that is

READ HERE (new Window)

The bunker will be essential as new major power units will be released this Christmas to enable settlements to move to level seven and power the new buildings that will be required and sought after.

Staffing Level Seven and Beyond
I have a new twist in the tail for settlements leveling above Six. We will be implementing a new add-on (required to level to seven) which will once leveled mean all staffing requirements will be automated by the Settlement A.I. You will no longer need to worry yourself about staff, skill types or SPS levels etc, you will simply have to ‘meet the bills’ each month.

Up to level Seven nothing changes, you need your staff and life continues as it was. But seven and above things change dramatically :)Of course this will Free up thousands of staff for those grappling around trying to find the ‘right staff’.

So a little ‘Coops head above the wall’ discourse and a few tidbits to give you all something to discuss :)

And yes this still means we will be having an AI warboard and Starbases but we are hammering out a path atm and Level Seven Sets comes First.



  1. Honest Ivor says:

    Level 7 Settlements…Now worth the attention of AI raiding squadrons.

  2. Galfling says:

    ***staring with shining eyes at the big inscription ‘LEVEL SEVEN’***

    When I finally get my Sett to lvl six… And I will!
    …then I will start to gather all those thinggs for lvl 7 😛

    (wonder… why I am so stubbed and tpld myself “lvl 6 only when you get Fang & Hellcat cannons and a Bebeb Shield’???)

    After so many years this game still can surprise you 😀 Good!

  3. thorgil says:

    This is THE GAME for me.
    Here you explore every time a new issue, Professions and competitions, Be an advisor and be adviced.
    For a while i did miner manufactured and hauler, little fighting and salvaging and surveying.
    Now I am focusing on factories and i am initiating to refine.
    Next i will try recycling and submolling, but best efficiency is at level 100.
    This is how I play but every one has his own last because the game is vast.

  4. STONE says:

    WOW! Level 7 sounds a bit intimidating for a veteran player and the new player is probably wondering level 7 anything I can do in no time at all. Think again, if your one of those players that has to be able to rush through the levels or rush through the quests then C-E may not be for you.
    Your settlement will take time, you will have to save millions to purchase the space somewhere within few million light years then build it, staff it, defend it against pirates, and build its economy up so that you’ll attract tourists. And each level will take time to research each stage of the project just to get to level 5.
    Then you’ll need to pick a specialization for your settlement whether you’ll go into ship building or some other profit making scheme on your way to ruling the universe but it will all take time.
    Don’t worry though because this game has plenty of other things going on to keep you interested like combat, exploration, mining, crafting it just goes on and that’s whats so great about Core-Exiles, that there is always something else to do if your not in the mood for mining or building or even playing the game.
    There’s a good forum with plenty of tips from other players to help you on your way. Guilds to chose from where you can find mentors to help you understand the finer points of the game or just join the chat and talk with the other Captains…most everyone in that plays this game is ready to jump right in and help new or old players out with trades or information on most any subject.
    So don’t let level 7 intimidate you at least until you get to level 4…:P

  5. pikolinianita says:

    Level 7… Wait, I’ve just get my Settlement to lvl 6, Coops, Not so Fast!!!

  6. Cashew says:

    I have found that this game is one that most people who play it love because it can be done at your own pace. No hurrying is needed in order to achieve the next level. You have so many options for directions to explore in the game that it will take me years and years to touch them all. You can pick one thing to do and become an expert at that one or you can pick 100 things to do and eventually master them all. If you are looking for a game that takes planning and strategy and is not just a beat the other guy up type of game, this one is for you.

  7. Locknload says:

    Best Game I have ever played…6 years in…The only way to Fail is to not Play…

  8. prince Pranav says:

    Settlement Development is a Long term Project . we be able to upgrade Settlement beyond 6 which was the cap is a amazing news and can’t wait to see when it goes Live .

  9. Korthen says:

    Yes!! More content for the game (Like I will actually catch up). Settlements are a major part of the game and a good way to generate resources and some credits..

  10. Samudra says:

    Wow you guys all veterans.. i’m just playing for less than a week.. but i think i’m starting to like this game.

  11. MrOpsO says:

    So you are thinking about playing Core Exiles and one of the newest posts is this, Level Seven Looms. Of course it makes no sense to you and why should it?

    Well it is a bit of a mystery to all of us – except the devs (I assume).

    What we know is that a player can build a total of 2 settlements in the game, they take some time to acquire and they require management – but only neglect will damage them (this is, for the most part a non PvP game). For some years now level 6 has been the pinnacle of settlement development but things are changing. There is an an-going war against an AI threat and a while ago the AI fleets took over a number of planets. A series of game updates are emerging now which will help us fight back and level 7 settlements are part of that. What we will need to do in order to get a settlement to level 7 remains to be seen.

    I should say that settlements are only one part of a sprawling game with many different things to do. The introduction through NPC missions covers many things but there is much more to discover as you spend time in the game.

    Give it a go and come along for the ride.

  12. XPLODE says:

    I’ve been keeping my malls stocked & selling stuff and mining resources and dumping my extra fuel into the depot for a couple of months now due to time constraints.

    It’s easy to do and without hassle, all i gotta do now is keep my mining drones from destroying themselves because i always forgot to check their durability…

    Lots of new stuff is planned for the future so now is a good time to join and and try it out.

  13. MalcolmR says:

    Hello New Player,

    If you have poked your head around you can see what other captains have said about this game. You can see how much they love the game. It truly is special. That being said the most important part is to give the game time. You are not going to “finish it” in a short period of time. Quite possibly never. It has been around 10 years and new major things are still being added.

    One of the best things about the game is you do not have to pay to play it. Most things in the game are obtainable through in game buying, crafting, or trading. This means that everyone has the same opportunity no matter how much money you put into the game.

    So give it a try and remember this game is a marathon not a sprint.

    Fly safe.
    Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds

  14. Korth says:

    Settlements are definitely a long term goal/activity. Eagerly awaiting to see what Level 7 brings to the game.

  15. Xanid says:

    Great additions continue to be added to CE! I am fast approaching the one year anniversary of my discovery of Core Exiles. I’ve played many games over many years and CE really hits on many of my interests. There are varied ways of playing and I guarantee that you can satisfy your playing style here! Combat, exploring, resource gathering, short term projects, long term projects, pretty much whatever you are looking for! Wanna play every day? That works. Wanna be more casual? That works too. Be social, be a hermit, have contact with the developer, submit ideas for improvement, the possibilities go on and on. The best thing I can say is that I am as pleased to play CE today as I was when I started a year ago and I have so much more to explore in this game.

  16. Siddharth says:

    5 year and still going strong .
    hauling ,mining ,combat ,Exploring derelict to planets the thing to do seems endless . not much time lot more to do 🙂

  17. Darakhoranon says:

    As Jager602 says, someone new to this game won’t know what “level 7” means, but then again, getting there isn’t anything one could do in a couple hours. It’s a long term goal – and when I say “long term”, I mean exactly that.

    Of course, that’s one of the best aspects of this game – there’s always something to do, some other goal to work for. And even if you somehow manage to reach the “last” goal, new things are always added.
    Add in more or less regular events, competitions and ways to get something extra for very little work (like writing a short comment here… 😉 ) and the fact that this game is never one player against the other, and you have something that’s actually entertaining and relaxing to play.
    And even if something else requires your attention, you can always take a break without losing anything in the game.

  18. Yogan says:

    I have been playing for 5 years now and I still have things to do, and many new things to forward to such as level 7 and above settlements, the introduction of Starbases & the deployment of the Genesis Warboard.

  19. Jager 602 says:

    Level 7? Anyone new to the game reading this might not know what that means yet, but this game is fun, and yes, I’ll mention it here again, the artwork is cool. You’re going to find a lot of cool things about this game (level 7 settlements being just one of them) but I feel the art helps tie it together. So jump in and check it out 🙂

  20. Zoorland says:

    Sounds positively overwhelming. Par for the course, I suppose!

    *looks at GBM* Sooooo, about those resources I still need for the Bunker… anybody? -_-;

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