Level 6 is Coming!

It’s been a long time in the making, in fact 100’s of hours of coding and beta testing have gone into Level Six Settlements and all that it will soon open up. We’re not quiet there yet, but we are close enough that the real testing has began and to start converting rumors into facts.

Level Six Settlements
Taking your settlement from Level 5 to Level 6 is the ultimate upgrade for a settlement owner. It allows you to start helping to shape the game and provide resources and services your fellow captains will be clamoring to use.

Level Six is not a cheap path, and only those that are dedicated and have the resolve to do so will make it work. Level 6 will allow your settlement to choose a ‘spec’, these come with three types of content.

Commercial / Industrial Center, Ship Crafting and Starbase Crafting. Each spec will require a large quantity of time and money to get to grips with and don’t expect to make back your investment any time soon, but you will find your services in great demand, and after all you can set your own prices so who knows!

Level Six will also allow for bigger and better buildings, mores choice and more options for stores and support industries.

Player Made Ships
Those that travel the path and spec their Settlement to Star Ship Crafting will be able to Place a Star Ship Manufacturing Centre. From there you can shake and bake real player ships.

You will also be assigned a permanent Player Ship Sales store. This will enable you to sell your SMC ships to players who with a UHL can purchase them and climb on-board your latest creation.

With 20 Chassis, 2 Frames and 10 component builds that 40 variations to use as building blocks to customise your new ships.

Player Made Starbases
Settlements choosing this path for their spec will be able to manufacture the massive Hubs required for player Starbase deployment. Your own Starbase on the map! A huge responsibility and with it a gargantuan list of requirements and costs! But, it all relies on your fellow Level Six settlement owners!

Commercial & Industrial
It’s not difficult to imagine that with the massive requirements there are going to be a huge demand for modules, components, resources and such like. Commercial spec’d settlements will play a vital role in fulfilling these requirements. It’s not going to be cheap and it’s not going to be easy but its sure as hell gonna be fun!

Preparation is Key
Upgrading to Level Six is just the beginning. Once there you will need to research every scrap of information you can find and think long and hard about your options. Players will be needing the services of all the level 6 settlements and it will be down to you to provide those services.

All those hard earned credits and resources you’ve been saving for a rainy day? Well its about to begin to pour down! So be ready to empty the coffers and convert every last scrap of resource you have to attain your goals.

This is just a taste of what’s coming your way. We will begin to post more over the coming weeks, but get those harvests and extractors busy folks, get your banks topped off and consider yourselves on warning – LEVEL SIX IS COMING!


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  1. Walhabie says:

    Really, really excited about the thought of getting my settlement upgraded to level 6. It is very exciting to think of all the things that we will be able to do. Plus it is always great to push to add new buildings and new weapons to my own area in the CE galaxy.

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