Leryn & Leran Fall to A.I Invaders

Hi there viewers,

It’s Gus Givens here with breaking news on the A.I invaders. For the last few months a level of stability was reached in systems where the A.I invaders have been seen. Whilst they have only been truly stamped out in Tauri, coalition forces along with valiant captains have managed to keep the A.I tide in check.

Well that was until this morning!

From initial reports we can say that a large force numbering some 2000+ A.I raiders came out of the Nebula and split into two battle groups and attacked Leryn and Leran. They overran the defences laid in place by Verecian forces and Coalition groups in a matter of hours.

At this time both Leryn and Leran are both under A.I occupation and any attempts to land on these planets has been met with astonishing displays of defensive batteries the A.I seem to have erected over major cities.

Leran was uninhabited, but it is understood that none of the explorers on planet at the time have been heard from or seen since the A.I forces landed.

Approx 20 minutes ago a rushed press conference was held on Cinq Port by General Hayes. He has stated that a full strength combat ready fleet has jumped into Kinbnal and taken up orbit near Breik. The fleet has a brand new flag ship the Kriton. The Goliath class Carrier is a new coalition design and is testing two new types of technology, one a new shield system and the other a new automated drone combat system.

Both these systems have been designed from reversed engineered A.I tech. It is hoped that if these battle tests are positive and that this tech can be releases to other combat ready forces for manufacturing and deployment.

General Hayes stressed the importance of not loosing Breik. In his words “Loosing the planet would be disastrous for human kind as a whole. We will have to withdraw our fleet and close the jump gate system physically annexing the system from any further activities. It is the only way we can guarantee the A.I do not get beyond the Kinbnal system.”

At this time close to 6,000 A.I ships are in system although no new sightings have been spotted for a few hours.

Captain Montaback of the Coalition Kriton, has relaxed usual Military protocols and any captain wishing to avail themselves of his ships services may now do so. Please note, you can pick up scanner, weapons and even the Coalition Target Scanner (A.I) from his ships stores. They also have a first rate repair bay.

We will keep you apprised of the situation as it transpires.

Over to you Sally with the weather report Galaxy wide

Gus Givens
ISN Newsdesk


  1. PrimeMcNee says:

    Sofar some courageous Captains managed to keep the AI invaders in Arclight under control.
    However, it looks like they are shipping human remains around in Arclight. I fear someting horrifying may take place in that system or closer to Central Sphere soon…

  2. Rexx Shredd says:

    The AI Threat has now moved to Arclight., which is near my Titanium Underpants…….. I would say they are trying to chase me down for autographs and fashion tips

  3. Ravenwood240 says:

    I’ll have to wander out that way. 🙂 It seems the salvage possibilities will be high.

    Capt. Raven Wood
    of the

  4. jcheung says:

    Somehow, even after being trapped on one of those planets, i managed to worm my way out, while i would like to shoot them, Confed imposes too steep a fine for running from my foes marked as greens and giving rewards like greens, but are really much harder 😛

  5. MarcSp says:

    I’m hoping the Coalition scientists come up with a breakthru that lets us pit our combat/explore
    mechs against the AI ground forces. The invasion/recapture of Spiritus put a big dent in the
    Coalitions military forces – and now that we’ve lost three more planets to AI, I don’t have
    confidence that the Coalition can retake them all by themselves.
    The AI are winning the war of attrition, So far, the Sphere hasn’t been affected by the war,
    but if the AI get into Sphere, everyone’s gonna feel the pain.

  6. Levi Gage says:

    These things are tough and sneaky! Don’t take them lightly.

  7. Strongwood says:

    The coalition ship Kriton along with the aid of many other combat captains have successfully cleared the AI threat in Kinbnal… for the time being. All combat able ships should destroy any A.I. vessels that they can. Many areas still need assistance in removing the A.I threat and all efforts put forth are greatly appreciated.

  8. LadyGwen says:

    Looks like I need a phased shield for these, they are really nasty AI’s. Also I keep getting false readings on there craft capabilities ….. ugh!

  9. Ambreena says:

    I seem to recall chatter from the Promenade Taverns that this incursion had been broken.

  10. Squirt says:

    They’ve been wiped out in Kinbnal but have reappeared in Arclight. Where could they all be coming from and who’s creating them?

  11. Shinter says:

    That’s all a bit too close to home with my settlement Terra Firma in Tornsul, only two systems away. Although I guess it does make it convenient for salvaging all the destroyed ships that my fellow captains produce as they blast their way through the AI fleets. Speaking of, it seems like the invasion through Kinbnal has been held off, at least for now, as I haven’t seen many new AI ships sneak in of late. Hopefully that means we don’t have anything to worry about up there for now.

    And I seem to recall that some Gal-Fed scientists were working on some new technology to help fight this AI threat. Hopefully they manage to get some prototypes working and start the manufacturing process before the AI intensify their attacks in some new system.

  12. Vengeance22 says:

    They seem to expanding steadily it seems, too bad I don’t have much time to play these days, but once I free up some I will definitely come back to CE a bit.

  13. Bolcien says:

    Who are these AI? what do they want? why are thy doing this? When will they do it? Where will they go next?!

  14. Alumoi says:

    Only 6000 ships? That’s an easy 2 days work for a bunch of captains 😛
    Got a couple of hundreds myself last week.

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