Leprechaun VI Lost in Space!

Hi there folks, Gus Givens here with yet another tale of woe.

Could there be a more unlucky family as the O’shaunessy’s. Yes you guessed it, for the Sixth year running the O’shaunessy’s have lost yet another ship. The latest was the Leprechaun VI bound for the Galactic gold reserve on Jian in Kelsey.

This may ring bells with many viewers and so it should. For the last Five years this poor family has lost Five ships, gone without trace. It appears this year even with tightened security and a Gal-Fed escort they have once again managed to ‘disappear’.

The Gold Bullion shipment was part of a normal contract tendered to the Leprechaun and the O’shaunessy crew.

The vessel left port on time and passed through a dozen Jump Points before ‘disappearing’ from Gal-Fed Radar. The ship was reported ‘missing’ when the Gal-Fed escort failed to report in on time. A search and rescue team was dispatched. So far nothing has been located other than some odd wreckage that may or may not be the Leprechaun and its escort.

Reports are coming in, that some of the cargo listed on the manifest of the Leprechaun are finding their way on to Captains Ships. Currently under Gal-Fed law any items found adrift in space with no legal ‘beacon’ to identify the owner becomes the property of the finder. Although, I wouldn’t try trading this on the open market in case the insurance company spot it, but I suspect it will be taken off our hands at any ‘Festive Center’.

Reporting for ISN this has been Gus Given.
ISN News Desk

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