Land Management Opens on Devotion

Been a while coming this one (apologies) I’d been waiting for players to complete the 3rd in the line ‘Dagrau Llawen’ and completely missed that Devotion had been completed on the 26th of may by Lutes.

As per the way things are ‘meant to go’ Devotion in Mork in the Furnace Galaxy now has a Genesis Land Management Office with 200 new plots for sale. Remember these require Genesis Points which can be gained by supporting the Genesis Collection Projects.

If you still don’t have a Genesis Plot and want one you can visit the current Open projects over here :

Gruber Station in Mobu
Vorontsova in Bolos
Starbase-63 in Selby
Themisto in Kootli
Moira in Apep

As a reminder: Items are collected for the first stage. When completed the resources and items are taken to build a Genesis Weapon. This is then Fired and a NEW Planet is formed. (Stage Two). The next stage requires players to complete exploring the planet. (Stage Three) – Once that’s complete the planet becomes like any other planet dock-able and in most instances will gain a Genesis Land Management Office with new Plots.

So far the Genesis Project has collected a Total Value of 26,505,076,477 in credits. From this Four Planets have been Created Sankarea, Horizon, Dagrau Llawen and Devotion.

Currently we are waiting on Dagrau Llawen to be fully explored before it can join the completed Genesis Planets.


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  1. Korthen says:

    Great work Captains! Genesis is a different aspect of Core-Exiles that allows participation in the AI Wars and access to new ‘plans’ for equipment. It also facilitates Corporation Security missions with the access to Corp EBKs.

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