Janus Cure – Active

A while back, players trading in high volumes of the fluffy cute creatures we call Ribblez here at Core-Exiles, had started to become infected with what was later called the Janus Virus. Deemed to be harmless but annoying with a few unknown side effects.

Well now Dr. Giles Robinson over at DSV-MED-03 in the Medifield System has perfected his ‘cure’. It’s a doozy I’ll give him that. He’s a little eccentric but, apart from his taste of fine wines, he can be trusted to cure anyone infected with the Janus Virus.

Those infected will be informed by the G-CDC Administration, and this is normally due to storing high volumes of the fluffy critters on your ship. The G-CDC take a dim view of these infestation critters and generally intervene before they get out of hand, but from time to time some captain will push their luck and become infected.

Once infected you can (should you choose) go see Dr Robinson, others may decide to live with the side effects, though I’ve heard the hallucinations can drive a captain to drink.

Dr Robinsons cure will make you immune to any further infections, but the G-CDC will still be on the lookout for Ribblez should you decided to continue to collect the critters in large numbers.


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