Ivans Family Open new Service

It appears that whilst Ivan himself is back under lock and key, his recently interviewed family has been release. They arrived from the Core last week and quickly jumped on Shuttles and passenger ferry’s leaving for all corners of the Universe. It appears they expected to be treated with the same criminal prosecution in the Sphere as they faced in the Core.

It took them a few days to realise that things in the Sphere were far removed from the Draconian methods of the Core, and handed themselves in one by one to the authorities for interviews and family processing.

It didn’t take them long after that to bring the entire family back together and relaunch their primary business – ‘Upgrading Ships’ or as they like to say ‘Pimping your Ride’. This service has been given some limits by Gal-Fed and they have been issued a license to carry out their business.

We have prepared a Primer on the Server OVER HERE

Just to cut through an initial question – This service is ONLY for Player made ships crafted through the SMC shake and bake method from Level Six Settlements. (of which there are now over 300 and counting)

Universal Hanger Modification for PM Ships
Also to make life slightly easier for PM ship owners, when you now visit the Hangar you will see a new bar appear at the top. This gives you the unique #ID for your ship and also more importantly how many Upgrade Points it has available and how many have been used. (handy in case you purchased it from someone else)

Also we have added the same function to the Hangar when VIEWING a Player made ship, So you can see how many upgrade points are left and how many have possibly been used.


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