Horizon is Cooking!

Hi there folks, Gus Givens here with all things Genesis!

Earlier today the system of Kalerd was cordoned off. Jump gates were closed for a 15 minute period and the biggest of all bangs took place. This was the firing of the Second Genesis Device. Amazingly no one was killed, no ships were lost and no puppies or kittens were injured during the creation of this planet.

The name of the newly forming planet had already been decided last year by a Galactic Competition. Horizon was the second name drawn from the hat, and the beacons surrounding the new Genesis planet are bleeping away the warning to not approach ‘Horizon’.

This stage of the planets development is still unclear but the scientist think that within a few weeks they will be presenting their reports to the Explorer’s League. They have coined the phrase ‘Planetary Cooking’ and its apparently not an exact science. Once the Explorers League have the go ahead captains from all walks of life can join in the exploration of Horizon.

The crowds are beginning to clear now as the planet begins it tumultuous period. In a few short weeks several million years of planetary biology will take place, truly an amazing feat!

Gus Givens
ISN News Desk

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  1. Excruciator Salesman says:

    OMG, le total woot!! Brand new lifeforms to excruciate!!!

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