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Last year I created the Official Guides Site. I then spent a fair amount of time converting all the poorly written and out of date guides and ported them over. I also ported in the FAQ’s from the old and now defunct FAQ site we used for a while.

This gives us 41 Pictorial guides and 68 Q&A faq’s.

Not a bad start but as we all know CE is a VAST game with far more to be covered. So I’m looking for new Authors of Guides and quick fire FAQ’s.

#1: You need to have a decent standard of Written English and able to pass your offerings through a spell checker (Yes I know ‘Pot – Kettle Black’) Don’t get me started lol.

#2 You also need to be able to write clear concise and correct instructions.

You don’t need to be a genius at publications or or a wiz using web sites. I will take submissions in email format or simply in a text document. Accompanying images should be in jpg or png format and labeled so I know where they go within a guide.

I can publish them for you (with you as credit) or you can get an author account on the site and publish them yourself, (once I’m happy with the initial submission)

To be clear the ‘Guides Site’ is exactly that, a site for guiding players on for instance ‘What is a Nebula Harvester and How do I use it?’ Would lead to something like this : Guide on Nebula Harvesters

Not to be confused with the Wiki, which whilst it contains certain guides, is more a Data collection store of ‘everything CE’

So think you have some time on your hands, think you could pen up a guide ? It would sure be of help to your fellow players, be they new or old.

Have a think and drop me a line in discord chat @coops.


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  1. Fatso says:

    I am a new player and I seriously need more guides. I was searching for some info and it was difficult to find what I was looking for. For example, what ship to aim for after Marauder, what are specific products of various stores, should I spend some skill points on expanded cargo hold if aiming for combat proffesion etc.

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