Heavy Fuel Refinery

So why do you need a Heavy Fuel Refinery in CE ?

Well truth be told just this very second you don’t…. But… As I keep droning on Battleships which you have all been working so hard to Craft will hit the game this year and when they do they will be fitted not only with the normal Jump Drive capable of travelling through Jump Gates, (using normal ‘Fuel) but also a new kind of Drive system.

This is called a Hyperflight Drive. This news was posted OVER HERE This drive will allow Battleships (and any other ship we design with a Hyperflight drive) to be able to open short wormholes, allowing them to travel outside the system that the current jump gates have mapped.

So back to why we need a Heavy Fuel Refinery…

The Settlement Heavy Fuel Refinery refines resources into Quadrinium Heavy Fuel Pellets. These act as fuel for the Hyperflight system. So no Quadrinium Heavy Fuel Pellets will mean no access to the Hyperflight system.

OK so….

If your Settlement is Level 5 or above, you can fit ONE of the Settlement Heavy Fuel Refinery’s. This is a removable building and be placed on the normal loadout or in the business bunker if you want the space. It runs an hourly cycle and if there is insufficient resources OR insufficient space for a full run it will stop.

The Refinery comes with a 2K storage tank and when deployed can be referred to from your Settlement Tool Bar (1st new Fuel looking icon). (Labelled for the VI players).

Front of House : When deployed, it also adds a Settlement Heavy Fuel Refinery Office to your promenade. This enables you to Sell (at your own set price) any fuel you produce. When deployed and the office is opened, it sets a default price on the Fuel Pellets. It also sets the promenade office so that initially ONLY YOU can visit it.

From your Settlement Settings page, you can edit the Price per unit you want to sell the Quadrinium Heavy Fuel Pellets, and you can also set the access rights on the office. There are three settings, the initial defuel one is ‘Self Only‘ – that’s just you. The next is Guild Only, self-explanatory. The third is Open to all.

You may switch these settings as often as you like. The reason for these is that it’s likely you may want to JUST be refining heavy fuel for yourself, or for your Guild, or you may be doing it for profit.

Quadrinium Heavy Fuel Pellets
These are what powers the Hyperflight Engine. These pellets ARE not tradable in normal terms, IE you can hold them in your gold or send them to someone via trade etc, they are HIGHLY VOLATILE and can only be moved by an authorised transport agent. When you purchase the pellets from a Heavy Refinery, they are automatically transferred to the Global Heavy Fuel System.

This Global Heavy Fuel system works just the same as the ‘normal’ Fuel Depot, but it deals in fuelling Large scale ships like Battleships. Once we reach the Battleship deployment stage, I will release Schematics for a Large Starbase Heavy Fuel Depot. From there, you will be able to dock and refuel your Battleship, both with normal fuel for the Jump Drive and Quadrinium Pellets for the Hyperflight.

So to my original point – Right NOW… You do NOT need one of these refineries but I suspect it might be a good idea to put it in your list of things to own shortly. The process of refining Heavy Fuel is slow and expensive. You will want some stashed away by the time Battleships are released and wont want to be trying to scrounge some up.

As I noted earlier, the Refinery comes with a 2K fuel tank. You can supplement this with a Settlement Heavy Fuel Storage Tank Not required right away, but means if you have the resources you won’t need to worry about maxing out your refinery for long periods.


New Type of Engine for Battleships.
This engine needs Quadrinium Heavy Fuel Pellets.
You refine these in a Settlement Heavy Fuel Refinery.
The Pellets can then be purchased and transferred to a new Global Heavy Fuel Depot Account.
When you step in to your shiny new Battleship, you can then go to said Depot and fill up on any pellets you have managed to produce or purchase.

Lot to take in. So take your time to READ this primer before engaging…


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