Header News Grows

Thanks to the diligence of a few creative captains, the header news got another injection of humour today. The old Competition thread was recreated a while back, this time for fun by aRJay. Since then every so often i pop in have a good laugh at the suggestions and gather them up and move them into the game.

Over time the header new messages (those not created by captains actions directly) has grown to 1,586. All from player suggestions, from the beginning of the game right through to today! There is no reward other than having some fun and seeing your suggested humour immortalised for all to see :)

Header inserts are drawn at random from the header system along side the inserts from captains direct actions. You can also review the last few 100 messages from the in game ‘Header News’ pop out panel from the footer.

Why not join in – who knows it could be your humour players all over the world are enjoying shortly!

Check out the thread and RULES Over HERE


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