Hayes Orders Fleet to Klytaemnestra

Good afternoon viewers, Gus Givens here with breaking news on the A.I invasion and the Coalition force deployments.

This afternoon at 1.00PM Local time General Hayes ordered the 4th wing of the Coalition forces to begin ground attacks on Klytaemnestra in The Forge. Since the retaking of Nemausa the Fleet has been spending it’s time focusing on the remaining Three current open world combats. Today marks the beginning of a new ground assault for captains to help out on.

So far Coalition Forces have only retaken two of the AI infected planets. The A.I have been brutal in their occupation of Human planets and it appears they have no regard for human life what so ever. They seem intent on harvesting as much raw resource they can from each planet whilst fending off the Human attacks.

So far the human coalition campaigns have had little to no affect on the AI Nebulae controlled areas. Currently General Hayes has them concentrate on Four initial primary Nebula.

Gus Givens here bringing you news as it happens!

ISN News Desk

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