Harvesters Expanded + VIP Bonus

Harvesters VIP Bonus
Sprinkled a little fairy dust over the Harvester system today and made two changes / additions to the existing system. Since we implemented the CES harvesters for the Nebula processing we limited them to Five at any one time deployed (as they are Zero SP items). Well in consideration for the Patreon VIP supporters if you have an active Patreon Sub (even a single $1) this will now raise to Eight.

Harvesters Expanded
I have also been racking up some requests from players to extended the CES harvester line. So I looked at the current range and added two more on the end. These (named for clarity) are the Nebula Harvester CES 3 and Nebula Harvester CES 4.

These are a fair bit more powerful that their early counterparts and stick at the 45 per hour in Dyz Fuel limit so you actually get a better return per ore per hour investment against fuel per hour. For balance sake these are higher level requirements both in Captain Level and ORSA Faction XP.

These for now will reside in the CE Store but I may give a few away over the coming festive months so keep an eye open for those that would like to increase their Farm of Harvesters you can find them OVER HERENote they are currently on a 25% discount so get em whilst they are discounted!


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