Happy Valentine

Seeing its the 14th today and I’ve already spotted a number of players sending their Valentines Festive items to others I thought I’d join in the Festive Fun.

I’ve just added 2,000 units of Fuel to everyone Fuel Depot Account. for those old hands that may not mean much but I know for a lot of players 2K in free fuel is a big thing still :)

Also I’ve placed the Valentines Pack on sale in the CE Store till the end of the month. It contains the following :

10 X Profession Booster 30% XP
10 X Planetary Vehicle Kit Raptor 1
10 X Stamina Stim 100
10 X Zane Medical Kit (Personal)
100 X Generic Exploration Deploy Kit
5 X Random Valentines Festive Items (125 Festive Points) 
5,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Premium Month

You can purchase it over HERE

Happy Valentine!


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  1. PrimeMcNee says:

    Thanks very much Coops !!!! I was too busy with the Olympic Tokens to notice this gift in time. Happy Valentine wishes to you also.

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