Happy New Year 2014

Man it feels like a Long year! But for some of you it’s passed and your now in to 2014. We here in the UK will be joining you later this evening, but seeing some of our antipodean friends have already reached the golden hour I thought it would be ok to say ‘Happy New Year CE’!

2013 was as I say a long year with many achievements and releases (covered in my Christmas post) don’t worry I wont repeat myself. I just wanted to thank you for sticking with us for another year. To say a BIG thank you to those that have shown your financial support this last year and also to those that have dragged kicking and screaming new converts to our distant shores :)

Also I’d like to publicly say a MASSIVE thanks to our staff. They are a great bunch of guys (alas to lasses any more) They give us their support, time and energy for free and help keep CE a friendly engaging place to hang out so THANK YOU GUYS!

Of course we start 2014 with a New server launch tomorrow. Don’t forget the game WILL disappear for a while whilst DNS servers throughout the world ‘do their thing’ but we will be here all day waiting for the office side to show up so we can switch the game back on :)

There is a lot planned for 2014, so keep the faith and keep on playing and we will keep on developing!

Have a GREAT NEW YEARS EVE / DAY and see you all here tomorrow!


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  1. Zoorland says:

    Happy New Years, Core Exiles! I look forward to another year of growth and fun. 🙂

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