Halloween Trickster
Cost in the Millions!

Hi there Folks, Gus Givens here from ISN News with the latest on the activities of the Halloween Activist known as ‘Pumpkin Hacker Jack’. The port officials and Sec-Con have now been hunting for Hacker Jack for a number of years, unsuccessfully it seems.

Yesterday he reportedly hacked the Gal-Fed Cargo Manifest system for Capital Consignments. This is the largest haulage company of cargo containers in the known Galaxies. He accessed their cargo routing and had each vessel ‘eject’ their holds near any passing Asteroid Fields.

This has lead to thousands of cargo container boxes many of them secured and locked (thankfully) being dumped into the space lanes and Asteroid Fields.

Surprised miners have been fishing them out of the Roids for the last 12 hours or so. Many with a gleeful smile on their face!

Capital Consignments have been on a secure com link with their insurance company all morning trying to secure their clients a reasonable payout for their loses. Meanwhile Sec-Con has raised the bounty on Hacker Jack to 10 Million Credits!

More from ISN news when we have it..

This is Gus Givens with your news!
ISN News Desk

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  1. Lost Queen says:

    : )

    Decisions. decisions. Do I want to mine for the crates, or going hunting for this “Pumpkin Hacker Jack” ?

    : )

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