Halloween Starts Today!

Today marks the Start of our Halloween Fun and Festivities.

Festive Halloween Staff
You will find 20 of the Festive Stores finest staff out and about from today on a promenade somewhere near you. They are collecting Pumpkins for the Kids and are offering Fuel Ticket rewards in returns.

Play to Win Competition
I have kicked it off with a Play To Win Ticker. This will award at random players who have played in the last 24 hours a Random Pumpkin and a Serial Number. These should be taken to Postovia Station in Jaster, where they can be handed in for XP and festive Mech Packs.

Halloween Prize Draw
Each time you hand in a Serial Number you will be entered in to our Prize Draw that will take place on the 1st of November. At that time we will randomly choose Ten winners.

Each winning the following :

Halloween O2 Bottle – 100 O2 with a pungent pumpkin fragrance! (X 10)
SNARG Pumpkin Treats – Boost your Pets Happiness and Keep him full for a whole week! (X 10)
SVEN Halloween Barter Pack – Valued at 500 Barter Points (X 1)

+ A 24 Part Mech Pack (including new armours and weapons) and Four Random Pumpkins
+ 500 Unit Fuel Ticket.

Serials will all Expire at Midnight on the 31st of October Game Time. So DONT waste any time handing them in!

Happy Hunting



  1. Anonymous says:

    1) pikolinianita
    2) The Biggest Marauder
    3) I dont know ๐Ÿ™ But stats portal says since August 22, 2010, and my secret number is 19040.
    4) I don’t know, there is so many activities :):):) Just flying around and doing things ๐Ÿ™‚
    5) Treats please ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. mentlcase says:

    1. mentlcase
    2. Neverhome
    3. since December 3, 2009 (this time)
    4. Pirating (by that I mean killing GalFed ships)
    5. 2x Halloween O2 Bottles

  3. Tim Rattray says:

    1. Cap’n FatRat, Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    2. I be sailin in the good ship Sasquatch
    3. The Pyrate Life for me, since 3rd March 2008, oh arrr, so four years’n’more!
    4. I cannae understand miners, I preferrrrr Courier Missions, the small packet bizness, if ye catch me drift….
    5. Me pet Snarg needs sum tasty pumpkin morsels, arrrrrrrrrr

  4. Squirt says:

    1. Squirt
    2. HMS Abby Normal
    3. Member for about 2 years
    4. Combat
    5. 2x Pumpkin Treats please.

  5. MrOpsO says:

    #1 MrOpsO.
    #2 Continuing Story.
    #3 Three and a half years!!! Where did that time go?.
    #4 Right now – Killing the A.I menice and Exploring the Expanse.
    #5 2 X Pumpkin Treats.

  6. KubaF says:

    #1 KubaF
    #2 Cargo Eater
    #3 Over two and a half year
    #4 Browsing CEDR, finding something i want to craft
    #5 Snarg treats please, thank you

  7. STONE says:

    # 1-STONE
    #3-2 days this time around
    #4-killing pirates
    #5-whats a snarg?…any prize will do

  8. Risus says:

    # 1Captain Risus
    #2 Slumdog Warship
    #3 3 years 4 months
    #4 Exploring derelicts
    #5 2 X Halloween O2 bottles, please

  9. Galfling says:

    # 1- Galfling
    #2 – Finka
    #3 – since may 2008
    #4 – combat
    #5 – 2 X Pumpkin Treats

  10. TJ McKoy says:

    1. TJ McKoy
    2. Sparrow
    3. playing for over 1 year
    4. hauling/mining
    5. Pumpkin O2

  11. Navile says:

    Captain Navile
    Playing now for 14 days, already dreaming of larger engines :*)
    Like salvaging and meeting NPCs best, so far
    SNARG treats, please!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Captain Navile
    The Good Ship Ojibewa
    Been playing now for 13 days, hope to play at least 13 more! :*)
    Like salvaging best so far, hauling second
    SNARG treats, please!

  13. FireFall says:

    Five Months (since May 17th)
    Exploring Derelicts (sled needed badly!!!)
    Halloween O2 Bottles (a little pumpkin to go with my coffee)

  14. OsoPeludo says:

    1: OsoPeludo
    2: Banshee
    3: November 30, 2011 (this time around at least)
    4: Combat with a minor in Mining
    5: 2x Pumpkin Treats for Herkemer (my S.N.A.R.G)

  15. Moonblade says:

    1. Moonblade
    2. Dawnstar
    3. 10 Months
    4. Planet exploration
    5. Snarg treats thank you

  16. Roveles says:

    1-Captain Roveles
    2-Nerf’s Lament
    3-a couple of months
    4-derelict exploring
    5-snarg treats

  17. Strongwood says:

    1. Captain Strongwood
    2. Ship: Vicarious
    3. Been playing since February 11th, 2011
    4. Combat and salvaging
    5. 2X Halloween O2 bottles please

  18. Ravenwood240 says:

    1. Ravenwood240
    2. Forestblade
    3. Barely a month. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m such a noob.
    4. Searching derelicts.
    5. The O2, please.

  19. Albert Ross says:

    1. Albert Ross the Albatross
    2. Whitmore Bay
    3. Aprox 8 months
    4, Looking for the next new challenge
    5. 2 x O2 bottles please

  20. bobsmith2012 says:

    1. bobsmith2012
    2. Rock
    3. 2 years 8 months 10 days
    4. Wesbec hauling
    5. 2x Halloween O2 bottles please.

    Thanks coops ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. qicken says:

    # 1Captain Quicken
    #2 Ship Name – SerCana
    #3 Time Playing CE – Three weeks
    #4 Favourite Pass Time in CE – mining and hauling
    #5 Prize reward – Pumpkin treats whatever the heck they are. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Aello Starfire says:

    Aello Starfire
    Fawkes the Pheonix
    2 years 11 months
    Mech Fighting
    Snarg Food

  23. Dr. Who says:

    1. Dr. Who
    2. Tardis (what else?)
    3. 4+ years
    4. Freight Hauling, light crafting
    5. 2 x Halloween O2 bottles

  24. Adamp says:

    1: Adamp Highrat
    2: Nostromad
    3: About 3 months
    4: Pirating (by that I mean killing pirates ๐Ÿ˜‰
    5: Pumpkin Treats for my Snarg Please

  25. UncleBod says:

    2:The flying reactor
    3:Member Since (9th January 2010)
    4:minig, mining, mining
    5:2 x Halloween O2 Bottles

  26. Levi Gage says:

    1. Levi Gage
    2. Sparrowhawk
    3. 25 months
    4. Exploring planets is my favorite thing to do
    5. My Snarg has threatened me with grave bodily harm if I don’t request the treats.

  27. Pablem says:

    1. Pablem
    2. Encrafter
    3. I have been piloting for 10 months
    4. Crafting is my favorite, everything else is a means to an end.
    5. pet treats please.

  28. LadyGwen says:

    1. Captain LadyGwen
    2. Bachkeda2
    3. 26 Feb 2008 (also Shields Up previously)
    4. Combat/Salvage combination
    5. Halloween O2 Bottles

  29. Siddharth says:

    # 1 Siddharth
    #2 Moya
    # Over 3 years from 1 june 2009
    4 Hauling , crafting and Developing settlement
    #5 Halloween O2 Bottles

  30. Chesty says:

    1. Chesty
    2. Warlord
    3. Since Sept 14 2009 so 3 years 1 month.
    4. Has been combat, now tending towards crafting with combat for R&R.
    5. The Pumpkin treats please.

  31. easyjaws says:

    Capt. Easyjaws
    Bailee Beagle
    3 months now
    Using my new guild NEI to zip around Sphere & VP
    I’ll take the Halloween O2 bottles. Please & thank you

  32. Anonymous says:

    # 1Marhsan
    #2 Nameless
    #3 Since the start of beta during the SU days
    #4 VP-Sphere cargo runs and fiddling with my settlement
    #5 Halloween O2 Bottles

  33. D S Dunlap says:

    Captain Name: D S Dunlap
    Ship: Outland Porter
    Playing since: June 23, 2008 (4 years, 3 months, 23 days)
    Favorite Pastime: Derelict Exploration and Passenger Hauling
    Prize: 2 x Pumpkin Treats for Cetshwayo Soap (SNARG Pet)

  34. D S Dunlap says:

    HellO! Checking in to see the wonderful festivites! ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. Captain Marcus says:

    # 1Captain Marcus
    #2 CES Wolverine
    #3 Time Playing CE: 3 1/2 years
    #4 Favourite Pass Time in CE: Combat
    #5 Prize reward: 2 halloween O2 bottles

  36. SirFoxey says:

    Cap Name: SirFoxey
    Ship Name: SnotSpeed
    Time Here: Been playing Core Exiles since before it was Core Exiles, far to long to remember, but still not long enough.
    Favourite Pass Time: Wreck Salvage is a speciality of mine, but combat is a close second.
    Treats Please Mr Coops, my snarg is hungry

  37. JadeStar says:

    Captain JadeStar
    flying around in the Firenewt
    playing CE since May 2009
    my favourite pass time in ce is crafting
    i would like 2 X Pumpkin Treats for my Snarg ‘anklebiter’

  38. OzzyCat says:

    Captain OzzyCat
    my ship is the shadowhawk
    i hae been playing ce since dec 2010
    i like exploring and searching derelicts
    i would like the 2 X Halloween O2 Bottles

    i notice others are loggin their info on the page where i read this, but it says to come here, so i hope iu did this right

  39. jinkaxe says:

    Captain jinkaxe
    a few month
    Iยดm really into mining.
    I could use Halloween O2 Bottles to trick others.

  40. Porrima says:

    # 1Captains NAME = Porrima
    #2 Ship Name = Princess Electra
    #3 Time Playing CE = Almost 4 yrs
    #4 Favourite Pass Time in CE = Explorer
    #5 Prize reward = 2 X Pumpkin Treats for the Snarg

  41. Cashia Brown says:

    Captain’s name: Capt. CashiaMaxus
    Ship’s Name: Firefly 1973Z
    Been playing over a year (or since time immemorial…not sure, but it’s been a blast).
    Favorite pastimes: (I hate to pick just a couple. I like everything I have tried…so far) – ‘
    How about crafting, hauling, winning prizes and the people I have met here)
    I think I’d like to receive the Halloween O2 bottles…please:)
    Thank you.

  42. Zaniah says:

    #1 Captain Zaniah
    #2 Ship name: Ares
    #3 Time Playing CE- 1 year 2 months
    #4 Favourite Pass Time in CE- Combat or hauling
    #5 Reward- Holloween treats for Snarg

    Happy Halloween!

  43. NBailey says:

    Captains Name: NBailey
    Ship Name: Argent
    Time Playing CE: over 3 and a half years
    Favourite Pass Time in CE: That’s tough, but I’d probably have to say Exploring.
    Prize reward: 2 X Snarg Pumpkin Treats
    Thanks Coops!

  44. Alan Sinclair says:

    Alan Sinclair

    Dark Star

    2 + yrs playing CE

    exploring planets is what I like the most ๐Ÿ™‚

    some o2 bottles please

  45. Xeno The Morph says:

    Well here I go… am I really the first to follow the forum link correctly? *blink* (or is it moderation before public post?)

    Looks like we have a lot of new things in the works with Halloween And Level 6 Settlement stuff coming!

    #1 Cpt Name: Xeno The Morph
    #2 Ship: The Hiven
    #3 How long playing3y 4.5 mths
    #4 Fav Pastime: Exploring (sliding towards planetary now I have tools!)
    #5 Prize: 2 X Pumpkin Treats (Hard choice with exploration… but I must see what they do!)

  46. jaggeer says:

    # 1 jaggeer
    #2 ragnarok Hauling
    #3 around 3 years
    #4 Haulin cargo, baby!
    #5 2 X Pumpkin Treats

  47. Jumper11550 says:

    1 Captain Name: Jumper11550
    2 Ship Name: Velvet Fist
    3 Time Playing CE: About 3 years
    4 Favorite Pass time: Combat
    5 Desired Prize: I would like the 02 bottles please

  48. Vengeance22 says:

    1.Captain Vengeance22
    2. NebulaHauler
    3. Playing since 7th of December 2008
    4. Hauling and surveying
    5. 2x Pumpkin Treats for SNARG pls (he doesn’t deserve them though :P)

  49. Garavi says:

    1. Garavi
    2. Zajebani
    3. member since 21th February 1212.
    4. hunting pirates / derelict
    5. 2 x pumpkin treats

  50. Anonymous says:

    1. Garavi
    2. Zajebani
    3. Member since 21th February 1212.
    4. Hunting pirates / Derelict
    5. 2 x pumpkin treats

  51. paco1600 says:

    ship: scirocco
    more than 1 hour a day
    O2 bottles

  52. Rohan Archer says:

    Another great Festive Competition by Coops!

    # 1Captains Name: Yogan
    #2 Ship Name: Hexapuma
    #3 Time Playing CE: 1 Year 10 Months
    #4 Favourite Pass Time in CE: Hauling
    #5 Prize reward: O2 bottles

  53. aRJay says:

    #1 Captain aRJay
    #2 Current ship is Le Cygne, the Lazy 8 is undergoing hanger maintenance.
    #3 I have been playing for 518 days.
    #4 After CE itself currently salvaging.
    #5 2x Halloween O2 bottles please.

  54. Alec says:

    Captain Alumoi here, commanding The Frying Pan. I’ve been flying around my ship for 2 years and almost 4 months now, mostly exploring planets and chasing pirates.
    Always glad to see festive competitions like this one and I’d really like those 2 pumpkin treats for my pet, Chips.

    PS: the first to post where you asked, right?

  55. Airport says:

    # 1Captains NAME. Airport
    #2 Ship Name. Currently The Moonbeam
    #3 Time Playing CE. 3 and half years.
    #4 Favourite Pass Time in CE. Combat.
    #5 Prize reward 2 X Pumpkin Treats for your Snarg.

  56. Koko says:

    I am SURE I have made a mistake in posting here, but could not figure out where else to post
    – Captain Woozle
    – Tweety
    – Wow, just shy of 3 years playing
    – Mining in Furnace, and hauling Wesbec to VP
    – Pumpkin Treats, if you please

  57. Largowolf says:

    Capt: Largowolf
    Ship: Crimson Dragon
    Time: 1yr 2months
    derelict exploring
    2 X Halloween O2 Bottles.

  58. MarcSp says:

    Capt MarcSp of the good ship The Grouchy Bear, kicking about the galaxies for the past 3 1/2 years.
    I love planet exploring, but spend a lot of time mining and hauling to pay for my indulgences.
    And my sidekick Growlz would love a couple pumpkin snarg treats.

  59. Dr Pete says:

    #1 Dr Pete
    #2 Rlyeh
    #3 Playing for a couple of months
    #4 I have the most fun in Chat. Or, hitting a RAID with a flash mob organised in Chat ๐Ÿ™‚
    #5 Pumpkin O2 please

  60. Fjiekie says:

    1/ Fjiekie
    2/ Crimson Sunrise
    3/ over 4 years (and longer for the ancients between us!)
    4/ fighting is surely my favourite passtime, you never know when you win something good (but because i have too much fuel, i’m a hauler in general)
    5/ 2 X Pumpkin Treats
    6/ thanks coops and staff!

  61. Joshua says:

    #1 my name is jcheung
    #2 my ship’s name is hellhound
    #3 i have been alive for a little over 2 years, but i first started maybe around 4 years ago.
    #4 my favorite thing to do to pass the time is having people talk with me on the IRC, else i just empty my fuel into the fuel depot ๐Ÿ˜€
    #5 snarg food

  62. Alexx says:

    1. Captain Alexx
    2. Kristine Z Kochanski
    3. 56 weeks
    4. Crafting
    5. Pumpkin treats please

  63. Shinter says:

    #1 Captain Shinter
    #2 Ship: Nizean
    #3 I have been playing CE for coming up on 2 years as of January
    #4 Even if I don’t have too much time to play, I always make time to explore derelicts, as it’s one of my favorite things to do in the game. Of late, I’ve also been enjoying planning for level 6 settlements and guessing what all those will entail
    #5 I’ll take the Pumpkin treats for my SNARG, Artoo. Thanks!

  64. Bebeb says:

    1, Bebeb
    2, Kargo Krate III
    3, Not as long as some, Member Since (22nd February 2008) so 4years 8 months +
    4, Answering Questions, for an actual activity mining
    5, 2 x Halloween O2 Bottles

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