Halloween Prize Draw

In a few moments the system will begin to hand out random Halloween Pumpkin Prizes to players who have been on line in the last 24 hours. To win all you have to do is have logged in during the last 24 hours.

These prizes are Halloween Festive items and as such can be traded at the Festive Centres. Also attached to these (Via PM) is a Serial Number.

This can be handed in at the Serial Submission Centre over at Postovia Orbital in Jaster.

When handed in you will receive 1,000 XP and a 15 Part Mech Pack for your troubles.

Also Each Festive prize handed out by the ticker system also adds an entry in your name for a Prize Draw on the 6th of November. This means you have till midnight on the 5th to hand the serials in.

The Prizes drawn on the 6th are as follows :

1st Prize : 12 Months Premium Account
2nd Prize : 6 Months Premium Account
3rd Prize : 3 Months Premium Account

Don’t forget to get a chance to be drawn all you have to do is PLAY core Exiles!


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