Halloween Handouts & NPC’s

Today I kicked off a Ticker handing out Random Pumpkins and Serial Codes. The Pumpkins you can hand in to any of the new NPC’s that I will list below or hand them over at the Festive Hand-in centres as per the following post : viewtopic.php?f=32&t=900

The ticker hands out not only a random Pumpkin but also a Serial Number. collect these and hand them into the Serial Submissions Centre over in Jaster on Postovia Orbital. Not only will you get a 15 Part Mech pack but also a nice packet of XP AND entry into a prize draw to be held early in November!

The Halloween Festive NPC’s I spoke of above have so far been reported at the following locations :

Quantum Chicken Caravanserai
Mad World
Jerris Outpost
Terra Firma
Hamlin Outpost
Chez laMere Truckers Rest
Stealer of Dreams
The Elks Lodge

I suspect a few more will appear over the next few weeks. These NPC’s will trade selected Pumpkins for Fuel Tickets and XP. You can visit them as many times as you like.

The Ticker will run every Five minutes till the close of October, so that a LOT of chances to grab a Pumpkin this year. On their own they have a small Festive trade in value, but they are worth valuable XP at both the NPC trades and the Festive Hand-in Centrers.


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