Halloween Festivities Begin

This will be our Seventh year celebrating the Halloween Period. We have added a ton of loot to most of the professions and begun giving away Pumpkins Every Five minutes!

All you have to do is PLAY to WIN! Simples!

We have lots of competitions and giveaways going on this month running through into the beginning of November. So lot’s of time to collect those Pumpkins and get them handed in.

This Year we have opened 18 Halloween Exchange offices. They are offering 1,000 XP per pumpkin handed in and the collection is going to the orphanages throughout the sphere! So think of the kids!

We are also running a Pumpkin Hunt, spot a pumpkin on a promenade or service in game and report it to be added to a Prize draw next month.

Then there is the large bag of goodies for handing over to Coops (in game) a Full set of all 14 Pumpkins and the months just beginning!

Those of you with your own settlements, take a look in the forums and make sure you claim an NPC for the Festive periods coming up. We will be awarding Festive NPC’s next week to those who claimed one!

Come on in, take part of a friendly community and start playing a game that once bitten is hard to stop coming back too.


  1. LocurusBorg says:

    So many pumpkins o get, so little free time… Heh…
    Coops, In this Halloween time, can you make some magic and force days to have 48 hours? 😛

  2. Rapa2k says:

    Great game, i love the various holiday events and competitions.

  3. Korth says:

    A great game with impressive depth of content with more being added on a regular basis. In addition there are seasonal events such as the Olympics, World Cup and Halloween etc. The game is free to play with the CE store for the addicts and fanatics.

  4. Korth says:

    A great game with impressive depth of content with more being added on a regular basis. In addition there are seasonal events such as the Olympics, World Cup and Halloween etc. The game is free to play with the CE store for the addicts and fanatics.

  5. paco1601 says:

    This spatial game is unique: try it and you will play forever. 😉

  6. scumbusta says:

    An extraordinary game and at times extremely challenging. Therein lies the great sense of achievement when something is completed. All of which cannot hope to be done without the great support from the finest Captains to leave a space dock. If we are not busy enough with the day to day running of corps and settlements. Our Employer showers us with activities to lighten the load and fill our holds with booty from the corners of the far flung galaxy. Great work and thanks to coops and the CE team for keeping our ever ageing game feel like the first day I played it and its pretty much like that every day. Best game I have played by a country mile

  7. STONE says:

    Happy Halloween and another Holiday event. Way to go Coops and staff . C-E is a great long term strategy game but with plenty of things going on to keep it interesting like Pumpkin hunting but instead of finding the pumpkin in a patch you gotta search worlds, floating derelicts, fighting Alien Warships, killing pirates, or even mining them out of cold asteroids. This game will keep you guessing and having fun…good hunting Captains… 😛

  8. siddharth says:

    thanks for the festival events

  9. Marcsp says:

    I love the various holiday events and competitions (not just Halloween). The collecting aspect is
    very easy and occurs during normal game activities, so you don’t have to interrupt your normal
    activities for this. There aren’t too many items, so its fairly easy to accumulate your full set of items.
    And if you are short a few items to complete your set, they are easy to obtain via ingame forums or chats.
    Overall its a nice perk-me-up to add some excitement into the daily routine.

  10. Cashew says:

    This game gets more and more interesting every year. I am glad that I stuck with it when I started. The Halloween events should be good. Thank you Coops for the effort that you put in.

  11. Stringer says:

    Nothing like digging up a pumpkin while mining in an asteroid field. Wonder that they didn’t get blown up by the laser.

  12. Oryuken says:

    Great game and great event. C.E. is the best.

  13. Kotaro says:

    I enjoy Halloween C.E events.

  14. Thorgil says:

    Play, hunt, post, enjoy and get your rewards.
    Best space game.

  15. Lord Orion says:

    Happy halloween !!

    Watch out for the space pumpkins when your driving your ship.

  16. akkamaddi says:

    The Glowing Gourds have come! Find as many as you can!
    Good for so much more than overpriced coffee, a new hunt is on for the Exiles of the Core!

  17. Squirt says:

    PokiPumpkin hunting here. Gotta catch em all. Thanks for the Halloween Events! 🙂

  18. Archer says:

    Hunting for pumpkins to get a Hangar License. So much to do.

  19. fjiekie says:

    Thanks again Coops and staff!

    And if anyone is suspicious, yes, we get free stuff for posting here with these festivities, so hurry up, signup/login and get your free stuff, there is enough for everyone! 😀

  20. Galfling says:

    More pumpkins in mining! 😀
    Well, somehow I have to collect a whole set.
    And rest, I put candles in them and decorate my ship 🙂 Outside 😛 To scary pirates. And Perlites 🙂

  21. Jager 602 says:

    I enjoy the Halloween festivities. It’s my wife’s favorite holiday, and I almost got her into the game just by showing her the pumpkins 🙂 Kudos and I hope we have many more Halloween and other holiday festive events!

  22. Marcus says:

    7 years playing and still loving it. Best game out there. It does require some getting use to at first, but there are several players who are always ready to help. Game chat is a good place to get answers and meet other players. A very involved game, but one you will quickly become addicted too.

  23. Elkhorn says:

    A new fad is sweeping the space lanes in Core-Exiles; Pumpkin Hunting! Captains are scouring the promenades of out of the way outposts hoping to spot these elusive creatures. Have you found yours?

  24. Alumoi says:

    Coops, you are spoiling us. Combat loot probes and now a string of festivities to keep us busy until next year.
    Best game ever (and a darn great developer 😛 )

  25. samudra says:

    Got my first pumpkin in derelict and 2nd using combat loot probes 😀
    Thanks for this Halloween event 🙂


  26. 1 Cor 134 says:

    Love the game events, thanks for your hard work, Coops! I’m enjoying the item hunt and festivities!

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