Halloween Festivities 2019

October is VERY nearly here – so let’s get started. Today you will begin to see the Halloween Pumpkins appear as ‘Play to Win‘ festive handouts. These come in the usual format of the pop-up message on screen at random times. The more you play in the periods between messages the more you will receive.

Special Halloween Exchange
I’m starting the hand out early. This is so you can begin to COLLECT the Pumpkins as they have a SPECIAL use this year! I have opened the Halloween Exchanges, this store is looking to take as MANY of the Pumpkins off your hands as you have.

They will pay you 1,000 XP per Pumpkin PLUS award you a Halloween Point. These points you can then use to Purchase Special PODS. These are pods ONLY created and available for the Halloween Festivities! You will only be able to gain them through the Exchange office and only trade for them in Halloween Points. So hand in ALL your pumpkins.

Of course in a sign of fairness, the pumpkins still retain their normal festive store value if you don’t wish to take part in grabbing some great pumpkin Pods!

Festive NPC’s Ready for Dispatch

I have revived the Festive Halloween NPC’s from their year long hibernation sleep. I warmed them up and gave them all a strong coffee. They are now ready to begin their duty stations, handing out prizes in return for Pumpkins. They have also been given permission to inflate their handouts somewhat this year, so check them out.

Claim a Festive NPC
Why not get in early and claim a Festive NPC for your Settlement. I’m offering you the chance to ask for a festive NPC (chosen at random) to be added to your settlement for the Festive Period between now and the beginning of January. If you’d like one pop over to THIS POST can read the details and claim one.

Halloween Collection
As has become the norm these days I will be running my ‘Collect one of each Pumpkin‘, then drop them off to me, for a festive special prize this year. You’ll note we are also adding a Christmas Resource Token to that list! (not seen one click the previous link)

Make sure to READ fully and follow the instructions, you have LOTS of time so don’t panic and the hand in remains open till the 5th of November. So lots of time for late player to player trades etc.

Halloween Hunt
I seeded over a 1,000 pumpkins that will be appearing on the Promenades you will be visiting over October. Note these down and report ONE to me via THIS competition post. You only need report one to be entered into a Special Prize Draw on the 1st of November. Prizes to be announced at the time :)

More Competitions and Events
As it’s not even October yet (one day early) I have held in reserve a few extra competitions and events. So keep your eyes on the Forums, the game chat and the Game login news! You wouldn’t want to miss out now would you!

Thanks for taking part in the Core-Exiles Universe and being such a Cool bunch of fellow Exiles!

Have fun folks!



  1. vongrippen says:

    Love these upgrade tokens, just perfect to give that item an extra boost towards awesomeness!
    I generally like playing CE through out the year, but the festive season that is from oct to deck when we have many compititions and such ongoing is when it feels really awesome. what with so many pumpkins to spot, tokens and such to collect, its like some yummy icing on the cake full of yummyness 😀

  2. Oneill says:

    This is challenging and fun sandbox game with depth for long term play, and every year around this time there is a festive season, these are back to back competitions/giveaways from Halloween to Xmas all run by the hard working Dev named Coops.

  3. Albatro5 says:

    CE is cool and fun to play even without any festivities going on but it really gets to boost awesomeness during festive days like Halloween or Christmas,all the competition and festive prizes we get to collect during those days are amazing!

  4. Typhon Grey says:

    This is my go-to game when I need to relax. It is challenging and fun, simple at its base, yet complex on so many levels. There are many ways to progress and no set paths. There are also lots of events, giveaways and the greatest of all, the Coops Challenge.

  5. Hadron says:

    Festive Season arrives again, with many competitions and giveaways from Coops all the way from the beginning of Oct to the end of Dec.

    Thanks Coops for all your hard work

  6. Galfling says:

    In this year I will hunt ALL the haunted pods 😀
    As in last year I missed october due to RL, this time I play hard to get my goal!

    Also, I will use well my Upgrade Tokens 😀

    This is an excellent example, how Dev should take care of players!

  7. Lutes says:

    Really enjoying the Halloween festivities with all of the additional perks of free fuel, XP points. IP points, XP boosters and pods galore to add additional capacity to my already bulging cargo hold 🙂 Let’s be honest – I don’t actually need any additional incentive to play my favourite game but it’s impossible to resist when Coops opens up the goodie trove and gives out so much pruck. And – once Halloween has passed us by there always Guy Fawkes festivities and the next (much anticipated) Coops challenge 🙂

    Chuffed to bits 🙂

  8. falconner says:

    Core exiles has so many things to do that you can’t shake a stick at :D, as well as being fun, but what I like the most is the halloween and other events that add a bit of an extra pinch of salt to an dish/ game I already Enjoy quite a lot.
    Lovely compititions as always, keep them coming, Coops 😀

    Me thinks I am getting a bit hungry, so I’ll go off and have something along with playing Core exiles lol.

  9. DrRelic says:

    I’ve not been a player for long but so far it has been super fun and this event has been so much fun collecting pumpkins and flying all over the galaxy!!

  10. SpaceBucks says:

    A Halloween warning, Corre-Exiles will infest you and be in your thoughts well beyond the Autumn season. It is a fun game with lots of active players that are pretty cool.
    Now login and enjoy the game for the festive seasons. Just know you have been warned!

  11. Morzorak says:

    This is my first festive event! I’ve been having a blast collecting pumpkins and tokens. So many great things to say, but I want pumpkins! 🙂 Come play and check out the chat.

  12. Storyman2k says:

    coops always runs the best competitions. They allow players bothe rookie and seasoned to take part.

  13. Storyman2k says:

    These festivities are the best! It is always wonderful to have a developer so in touch with his players. Everyone is able to participate even the newbies. Keep up the good work, Coops!

  14. Daemon says:

    An event that rewards you by just playing normally. What’s in it for you? Well those Halloween pods might pique your interest. Wait..there’s free FUEL and a chance to get a Christmas Resource Token?!? What are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go create an account. Andale! Andale! 🙂

  15. Caliseer says:

    The chance to get the special pods is too good to be missed, of course you then need to have the space on your ship to hold them all 🙂

  16. MadMaxxx says:

    Yay! Its the special event season again that brings extra awards this year!
    You can get awesome prizes like (extra fuel, Christmas tokens, Upgrade tokens and plenty more stuff like cargo boost pods and so on).
    So its worth to play the game as much as you can to earn all those prizes and chat with the best Community there is out there.

    Come join us in game or in chat and have some fun with all festivities going on!

  17. Danik says:

    More give-aways? Oh, alright then… stack them over there.

    Halloween, where Coops bangs on your door and gives you candies!

  18. Pablem says:

    This kicks off Core Exiles’ special event season.
    Captains of all levels will be trading items and upgrading their equipment. It’s the best time for new captains to get a quick start so pass the word.

    Me, I want to upgrade an alien reactor and see if my ship will glow in the dark and burp bubbles of reactive gas.

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