Halloween Exchanges – Open

Over the last few years we have had a new system format for the Halloween Offices. Rather than just give you XP they also give you Halloween Points, these can then be used to purchase Halloween Pods. You can then collect and hand in as many Halloween Pumpkins as you can (remember to keep 1 of each for the Coops Handin)

The Pods on offer are :

Halloween Cargo +15
Halloween Cargo +30
Halloween Device
Halloween Generator +250
Halloween Generator +500
Halloween Messiah
Halloween Terranor

Please review the info on each pod from inside the Halloween Exchanges BEFORE purchasing. Some can be multi-fitted some are single use only. All these pods are non transferable so if you want to purchase on an alt trade the pumpkins with him or her before purchasing.

You can find these offices at the following locations:

Dashan – Furia Station
Blake – Casmar Station
Feris – Starbase-51
Trantor – Popovich
Zarante – Berolina
Beud – Jeilt
Yam – Coalition 1

These offices will remain open till around the second week of November. So you have plenty of time to collect (all of October) and decide before they close.



  1. Robotix says:

    My favorite time of the year in CE. Play and earn great stuff!

  2. restroa says:

    cargo pods are great for new players like me 🙂


  3. Kortha says:

    Really like the Halloween event, especially the cargo pods and the extractor boosting pods.

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