Halloween Exchange Revisited

I know the Halloween Exchange Office is now a few years old, but I thought it worth recovering old ground for those of you that might be new or were not here last year.

The Halloween Exchange
These will be dotted around (find it in the Finder). Open until the 5th of November, Midnight I think for now. (let’s see how this goes).

Top section hand in the 14 Pumpkin types. There is no limit or anything like that. So they can drop them as and when. For each pumpkin dropped off they get 1,000 XP and ONE Halloween Point.

The Points can be seen IN THE EXCHANGE.

The bottom section of the Exchange is Seven Pods. These can be viewed and if they have sufficient points purchased. THERE IS NO LIMIT to how many you can buy, but they ARE account locked!

Six of the pods can be stacked IE multi fitted and some have ZERO Pod point cost. (Check out the +5 Pod row) in the CE Store.

The other one (Halloween Device) is a clone of the Olympic Pods which give cargo, power speed based on your LEVEL. As they level up they need to remove it and refit it. It has ONE Pod Point cost to fit.

Any questions I’ve missed plug away at me.


This year why not register for a Halloween Exchange to OPEN on YOUR Settlement or Starbase! CHECK IT HERE

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