Guild Item Store – Back!

Core-Exiles has been running for nearly a Decade and a half and over that time we have tried and removed a few things. One of those removals was the Guild Item Store. It was a hit initially and a really cool way for guilds to support younger players and even older ones in need of items.

Sadly as you might imagine it was abused and guilds fell prey to ‘nefarious’ activities, leading to a lot of ‘Coops this, and Coops that…’ In the end I’d had enough and simply removed the Guild ‘Item Store’ functionality.

Well after much wrangling and long talks with both guild various leaders and the staff I decided it was time to bring it back…


What is it? – The Guild Item Store appears as the same icon you have for your ship store but in the guild office. It’s divided much like your ship store into septate areas (tabs) and is there to store on behalf of the Guild.

Can Any member deposit items? – Yes ANY member of your guild can drop off items to the guild store. Plus as I’m a really nice Dev, I’ve allowed you to do that from pretty much anywhere in the game as long as you’re docked. Your items will be shipped directly to your guild store even if you drop them off in the expanse.

What about Removing Items?
– OK, this one you NEED to pay attention to. Guild Owners and Officers can set the access permission for any guild member, also remove it simply enough at any time. But without this permission you will NOT be able to remove items. Anyone in the guild can visit the guild office and ‘View’ items but unless you have the permission set you won’t be able to remove items. So consider this when donating to your guild!

Do I have to go to the Guild to collect / remove items? – I’m not THAT kind :) Yes you do, how else would you know what’s in there. So yes if you want to review and remove something you need to go TO the guild office and be there in person.

How do I actually donate / drop off to the Guild Store?Simples as my favourite Meercat would say. IF you are IN a guild a third option will appear on the ‘Trade’ screen. So from your inventory where you would normally trade an item to a player there is a third option (at the bottom). This works the same as the other options, it has a default Move of 1 so if just moving 1 you don’t even have to type any numbers. You can’t send more than you have and the action is logged with your guild.

Guild Owners / Officers : READ BELOW

Adding the Guild Store back in game caused me a lot of hand wrangling and soul-searching till it was pointed out to me ‘let Guilds be responsible’. So here we are at a doorway, you can CHOOSE to give players access, or you can choose not to. Giving a member access is literally doing that there is no half measures. I have added two new Guild Log filters. (at the bottom of the list) this enables you to review deposits and withdrawals.

I’ve added a clear statement on the ‘Members List’ permission section (which had a slight upgrade to accommodate another permission). This states clearly neither myself nor staff will become involved or arbitrate on behalf of a guild over the Guild Item Store. Leaders chat with your Officers set a policy and adhere to it! Coming to me later saying someone emptied your store won’t get me involved.

Personal Note: I will be keeping a close eye on the system for the first 48 hours and will tweak any code thats needed, but we have tested it fairly thoroughly on dev (thank you staff) and hope you find this old system, re coded and readded a boon!


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