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As per my post last month, now that I’m back at full time CE coding I wanted to get back at it by looking at some of the players ‘wants & suggestions’ before moving back into the large scale projects already underway. Giving a something back to the ‘little guy’ in CE.

I’ve already treated Wreck Salvage to a little love OVER HERE and added Contracts for U.H.L Ships OVER HERE. Well now it’s the turn of Guilds.

Guild G.B.M contracts
One of the requests was for Guilds to be able to have the ability to place G.B.M contracts on behalf of the guild. Well now you can!

Inside the Guild office on the top icon row, you will now find a G.B.M contract icon. Any guild member can view this and enter the section, but only Rank 3 and above can actually place contracts on behalf of the Guild.

OK a few things to understand…

Guild G.B.M contracts have to be added from inside the Guild Office. (via the link). Also, guild G.B.M contracts REQUIRE a consumable Licence. Each guild starts with 3 contracts to use. As each G.B.M contract is created, a licence is used. These are non-refundable, so if you cancel a contract, you have still used the licence. New licences can be purchased from the Guild Vendor, or via the CE Store (these will be added later today).

When a player contributes or completes a Guild G.B.M contract, the resources are sent DIRECTLY to your Guild Store. No need to collect them. Basically operating the same way guild extractors do. This is important to remember.

I have also added in a Guild G.B.M entry to the guild logs. So the guild management team can monitor who creates the contracts and who adds / completes them, also if anyone cancels one. So full log tracking is possible via the guild log.

Funding for the contracts comes directly from the Guild bank and is shown what’s on hand on the relevant screen.

Guild Levels Extended
This one should have been addressed years ago but hey I’m only 1 guy and apparently Human :) Up till today Guilds only had 10 levels to work their way through. Now they have 25. Most of the level 10 existing guilds will level up to their new level on the 1st entry into the guild. They are new TOUGH XP levels and will give the guilds another lease of life for the next 5+ years.

Currently levelling up only affects you Bonus Faction XP (used for things like the Guild Vendor) but having these new levels will allow me to add new items for those who attain the + 10 levels.

Guild Entry
Finally, whilst working on this, I decided to add a nice new feature to the Guild Office. Normally you enter via the promenade and then through selecting the guild office form a list displayed. Well now if you’re IN a guild, accessing the Guild Office will bypass the list and place you directly IN the office. If your not Guilded you still get the list.

Have fun with these new adds…


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  1. MadMaxxx says:


    Another great addition to the game from a Developer that listens to his community. He is always saying that its our game and it is. If certain idea gets enough notion on game forum it has a good chance of making into game. Guilds are great part of Core Exiles game if they are active and can help you out in a big way. Specially now that we have Starbases in game and quite a lot of them are Guild based. So players are even more active and engaged in guild activities.

    Come join us this month (Its Halloween event and plenty of more events coming in next months).

    Best Regards

    Captain MadMaxxx

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