Genesis Weapon Deployed
Devotion Created!

Good Afternoon folks. Gus Givens here from the ISN News desk, bringing you up to date news on the Genesis Project.

At 12:14 Central Galaxy time today Gal-Fed gave the final go ahead for the scientists to Fire their latest ‘Genesis Weapon’. This stage of the Genesis Project is the most unpredictable, and most dangerous. It takes months, even years for the resources to be collected, sorted and loaded into the Genesis Weapon delivery system.

A few weeks of fact checking, and several cybernetic networks working in tandem to check the math. Then a host of form filling and hand wringing to get to this final stage. Even then the system has to be cleared with all near space traffic diverted for a short period. Protesters have to be given final warnings and cleared where possible.

It has always seemed strange to me that such a large explosion causes no sounds what so ever. Simply a blinding flash of light and the Genesis Device gets to work forming a new planet.

As with the last firings of the Genesis Weapon the launch went flawlessly, and after an hour the survey droids did their initial sweeps. It appears this time a Class 1 planet (Earth E Type) has been formed. A fantastic boon to the Mork system in Furnace.

Both the Explorers League and the Galactic Survey Department will now begin surveying the planet and begin processing the survey reports as they come in. In due course when the planet is 100% surveyed it will become inhabitable and an outpost will be formed.

Along with that a Genesis Office will be opened and 200 new parcels of land sold off to budding Genesis Land Owners.

So there we have it folks, a new planet for the Mork System – Devotion!

Gus Givens ISN News Desk.

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    Maybe I’ll have enough points by the time the explorers get done to buy one of those plots.

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