Genesis Project – Behind Closed Doors

It’s been a few weeks now since the Galactic Research Project completed the final phase of its research and analysis. Captains throughout the Galaxies worked long and hard retrieving Alien Artifacts and this in part helped speed up the final G.R.P process. Apparently the completed research data has been compiled and is now ready for use.

But it seems that the Coalition have stepped in to the mix. The G.R.P is a privately funded group and usually their compiled data is then sold on to the highest bidder where the design specs and data can be turned in to blueprints and schematics for companies and individuals to manufacture.

It seems the Coalition have enforced a blanket ban on the data being sold to any one. At this time there is a dark veil of secrecy regarding the talks currently underway at Cinq Port in Kelsey. We can confirm that representatives from all the major conglomerates and even the smaller privately owned companies were invited to these closed talks.

We can also confirm a strong military presence in the system with heightened security on the jump-gates coming in and out of Kelsey. Several activist groups have already been refused entry to the system and dozens of arrests have been made by Sec-Gen security at Cinq Port in the last few days.

I suppose the question is who controls this tech. If it’s possible this technology works as suggested and planets can be created at will, then we must also presume that this could be used not only for great good but also for great harm.

Who would you rather have with their hands on the control of such a powerful system?

I guess we will find out when the current closed meetings come to a close. Although that does not appear to be any time soon by the amount of luggage being deposited on the loading docks by some of the delegates arriving today.

ISN News Desk

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