Genesis – First Commercial Builds

As I hinted earlier in the week with my previous Dev post on Genesis, and also as the ISN reported – we have started to open up the Genesis Manufacturing / Crafting system to more than just War based products.

Today sees the release of the first of what I hope will be a long line of new builds. These I’ve classified as ‘Commercial’ builds. As they don’t fit the current war based categories that exist. These items can be created through the Genesis ‘Shake and Bake’ system once you have unlocked their plans.

The first addition using this method is ‘Mega Malls’.

Some Love To Malls
Before I begin, I thought it fair to review the mall system and to pay some ‘love’ to the Mall Stores. I have first taken a machete to the mall rental system. This is the price you are charged daily by the government to continue leasing a spot. In the past these have been as high as 12,000 credits a day making it harder to make a decent profit from malls.

Today the maximum cost is now 3K a day. The minimum remains at 1,000. You’ll either have to wait for your next bill to come through or place a new mall and see the new daily cost. Please note the actual ‘deployment cost’ is based on the independent local Mall Store locations and I have no control over that. So shop around before opening a mall.

Secondly, malls now have a higher turn over average. In the past there was a limit on an NPC consumer purchasing between 1 and 4 of your products. This has been raised to 1 to 8. This means that your sales have the ‘opportunity’ to increase. I wont guarantee you will always see an increase as the laws of ‘random’ are fickle.

So why Mega Malls ?
Malls were added to CE a LONG time ago. Almost Nine years in fact. Over that time they have seen very little change. They were added so younger players had an alternative way to make an income from their combat careers. Back then there was approx 60 in game resources and commodities.

As the years went past a few more malls were added and the Super stores added (4 sales points) and CES versions added to the mix for Support and Festive Points.

These days we have 658 in game Resources and Commodities and the current Malls cover a very small part of that list. Mega Malls resolve that issue bringing them kicking and screaming in to line.

Mega Malls
There are 14 of them. All the SAME size – just with very different stocking options. They all have a Stock limit of 25,000 units of items. That’s a MASSIVE increase in the stocking options of a mall. Now you can stock it and walk away for a week or two or perhaps more. The new Mega Malls now have SIX points of Sale, that’s two more than a Super Store. Having Six points of sale also guarantees you a sale when the ticker passes the NPC’s through your mall.

Structure Points, OK perhaps the only real down side to these malls. They do require the 5 Point standard for a Mall. No CES options here folks, but when you consider their sales options and scope, one hopes they will pay off.

So what DO they stock Coops?
There is an older post in The Guide section that is a compiled player list of what normal non Mega Malls stock. I have added a URL to that post allowing you to review in depth what Mega Mall sells what. You can review that list OVER HERE

Core-Exiles Server Stocks – We have also decided to add an official slice of data to that list that MANY of you will find most interesting. It’s the compiled stock levels in captains Ships Stores and Commercial Storage of commodities and resources. It’s Server wide, does not include Dev Staff accounts or any test account stores. The data is kept up-to-date every 24 hours by a separate collection tool. So you know the data is always fairly up to date.

Use that data how you will. It was added to give prospective Mall owners an insight to how much of the given resource / commodity they were thinking of selling was on the server, thereby making an informed decision to sell.

Genesis Manufacturing
A small point but one you may miss if your used to just skimming over in game text. When building these Mega Malls, when complete they are transported direct to your SHIPS STORES. They are not stored in the Genesis store. So when you get the PM telling you its ready – its already in your ships store.

Genesis VS Support
We will be adding these mew Mega Malls to the CE store as support items. Should you not wish to wait for one of these Malls to ‘cook’ in a Genesis pressure cooker, or don’t have access to a Genesis Deployment to cook one yourself feel free to help support CE and purchase one. These will be added sometime later today. They wont be going into the Festive Store.

More to come…
You can expect more Genesis Crafted items to be coming your way. I can’t say when and I can’t hint what yet, but I hope this proves the original point that Genesis is NOT just about AI wars and such like.


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  1. Zoorland says:

    Neat. Never bothered with malls myself, but I know some other folks who swear by them. Hopefully this new addition works out well for everyone. And, of course, it’s really nice to finally have an option for the Genesis plots that you can actually take advantage of right away, instead of waiting forever for GalFed to get off their lazy bums. :p

    Thanks for expanding two areas of the game yet again, Coops.

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