GalFed Issue Ports & Docks Warning!

It’s approaching that time of year again folks when the Graffiti Taggers come out of the woodwork. For the last few years this has been an issue with Captains Ships being daubed with Festive greetings and messages.

This year Gal-Fed and other security forces throughout the Universe are ramping up their security at Ports and Docks to try and stop the Taggers before they even get anywhere near the Ships.

But you must be vigilant, be on the look out for people out of place on docks and ports. Gal-Fed are planning on offering a reward this year for all instances of tagged items and locations, but are currently waiting to see which way the taggers go before issuing reward offers.

Whilst for the most part it’s harmless pranks, the security of your ship and its fittings should be of primary concern, and Gal-Fed want you to know they take this type of thing very seriously!

So keep an eye out!

Guy Givens reporting
ISN News


  1. akkamaddi says:

    Once again, the normally clean and tidy docks are now festooned with branches of conifers (isn’t there a Textile Goods shortage) and garish lights. Why, just the other day, when I was comfy in my captain chair and settling in to play this amazing space sim game, I was jostled from my peace by a pack of n’er-do-well youths braying some nonsense about a “Silent Night”. Well, it’s not a “Silent Night” if I have to chase off harping hoodlums, now is it? Firing the launch thrusters for a few seconds sent them scurrying.

    Bah! Humbug! What’s a cantankerous curmudgeon to do?

    At least I’m not cleaning a reindeer out of my atmospheric thruster intake like last year. I mean, really, who launches hoofed animals into lower orbit to celebrate winter? I don’t understand people these days. I had to use some Black Market Irradiator Fluid to clean that out.

    Well, if you’ll excuse me, my snarg needs feeding, and I have to clean tinsel out of my ships Psychic Slice Computer. Tinsel gets everywhere.

    captain akkamaddi

  2. Jager 602 says:

    Another Christmas- or Rexxmas, if you will. There’s too much going on in this game to tell it all; just know that I have been playing for over 2 years and have yet to see it all (perhaps not even half of it yet). It’s a fun game you really have to play to understand, but once you do, you’re not disappointed 🙂

  3. Darakhoranon says:

    If those Gal-Fed goons took this matter ‘very seriously’, we wouldn’t have to space those taggers again every year! Just saying…

    Commander Darakhoranon
    (What? Did you think I was still only an ordinary ‘Captain’?)

    Translation for those new to CE:
    Every year around Christmas, Coops and his team run an event where every player is asked to report a Christmas tag (e.g. a Christmas tree appearing when one lands on a planet) on the CE forum. Which is a quick and easy way to get a nice reward. And that’s only one of the semi-regular events they run. Besides constantly adding stuff to the game (and reportedly still having a social life, but that might be only a rumor… 😉 ).

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