Galactic President Kidnapped

Hello folks, Gus Givens here with the latest reports live from Cinq Port in Kelsey.

As you no doubt heard, the new galactic president was elected earlier today in a landslide, the new inhabitant of the octangular office, as it’s known, is none other than Rexx Shredd, famous model and superstar who won in a landslide victory, when interviewed about why he wanted to be president he replied that the universe deserved a face as beautiful as his on its currency.

His first duty as president was the attend the launch of the Gal Feds new experimental ship, the Head of Iron, which features a revolutionary new propulsion technology, however in a shocking turn of events it appears that the new galactic president has been kidnapped, by… himself?
Yes folks, that’s the word I’m getting apparently galactic president Rexx Shredd has kidnapped himself, stealing the Head of Iron and making good his escape, he is reported to have been seen earlier admiring himself in a mirror in a potentially threatening manner.

There were also two other individuals aboard the ship at the time of his escape WFNN reporter Katherine Freemann and a new brand of maintenance robot that was working on the ship at the time, it has not gone into mass production yet as its new AI chip appears to suffer from a bug that inflicts it with extreme pessimism.

The whereabouts’ of Rexx Shredd are currently unknown, while authorities are searching for him it is believed with the new ships experimental drive he could be anywhere within the known or unknown universe at any time, we will keep you updated as the situation unfolds, this is Gus Givens signing off.


  1. Dynamo says:

    You know, that is infinitely improbable…

  2. Dragon says:

    lol….good one!

  3. MrOpsO says:

    Should we be counting the number of arms and heads Rexx is sporting?

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