Galactic Emporium View Update

I always meant to return to this issue but never found the time. There have also been a few requests over the last few months for this to be looked at so here we are :)

I’ve made a change to the Hover Icon systems on the Galactic Emporium View (top left tab : Game Info)

This view is a list ordered by the latest items added down to the oldest items on the Galactic Emporium database. I’ve removed the ID tag as this was useless for you and was only taking up space. Replaced it with a House Icon. Hovering over this will give you the Planet, system and galaxy Location.

Next change is the second icon (looks like an Info triangle). This took me a long time to get working for all the items in the game that can be sold on the G.E. I have done my best to pick the most pertinent data for each class of items and I hope this is a big upgrade from no info at all.

Things like Resources I have pulled the most pertinent data I can and for the normal run of the mill ship fittings things like skill, captain level and the items primary data have been added.

NOTE: This is not always something that can be done as the data is pulled from a myriad of tables and sometimes its not stored in a ‘human’ format. So you will have to bare with me on a few of the items, but from pretty much the entire Data Base you have gotten a lot more info on a simple hover than before.

Last Caveat : Sadly there is no way in the current CE format for us to deliver this type of multi line data to the Blind. I have pulled captain level as the most important stat and for now that will have to do. If we could wean the Sighted off using the VI mode i might be able to do more but until then I’m stuck in a dilemma on that one.

The VI still have the added location information just not the expanded info that is accessible on the visual hover.



  1. Jaclarri says:

    The update helps find stuff fast and for the right items for your level Very nice update

  2. Samudra says:

    I like this update. Easier to find what other players sell in their emporium and where they are without visiting them one by one. Very time and fuel saving, very useful tool.

    This update and many more updates are wonderful and fast!!! The dev is very responsive, the community is very helpful and the game is the best ever.

    Captain samudra here.

  3. Korth says:

    Really appreciate the extra item info. Makes it a lot easier to find a level appropriate item.

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