Galactic Emporium – Rename & Remove

Two new add-ons to the Galactic Emporium today.

First there is a new ‘Admin’ section added to the Emporium Owners home page. This admin section currently has two options. Rename and Remove an Emporium Store.

In both cases the Store in question needs to be Empty (IE nothing in the store front) and also Closed.

Both options also require a Token. Tokens can be gained from the Festive Store and also from the CE Store should you wish to help support the development of CE.

These options were planned from the start but have been added today as the Emporium Stores have now smashed passed 3 Billion credits in sales since their inception.

The tokens are consumed on use – so 1 rename token = renaming 1 store. 1 remove token = removing 1 store.


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