G.R.P – Mid Level Staff Shuffle

Even in this day and age it seems no company is beyond reproach and that includes the Galactic Research Project. It seems that many of the mid level staff that worked on the Genesis Project voiced concerns passed on to them from their fellow scientist about the development and use of such technology.

They were vocal during the early stages, and became even more insistent whilst the entire G.R.P. staff were held incommunicado while senior Gal-fed and Coalition officials worked out a plan that suited everyone.

So it should be of no surprise that a government approved ‘Project Overseer’ has been added to the senior staff at the G.R.P and his first order of business was the replacement of 22 key mid level staffers.

The G.R.P itself will continue as it always has, working on key projects to further humanity where ever it can. It is still highly reliant on public donations of Ancient Artefacts to drive its technology databases and enable faster completion of key projects.

In line with the new changes all projects will now be streamlined into a Two tier research, with each stage requiring 1000 Ancient Artefacts to complete. With their new systems in place the G.R.P have today started work on their latest project which will when complete enable the production of many lines of Planetary Deployment.

Planetary Deployment will cover a wide array of items making it easier for settlers and corporations alike to settle and deploy on newly formed Genesis Worlds.

Gus Givens
ISN News Desk.

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