G.B.M. Facelift

I have uploaded today the changes to the Galactic Buyers Market. I’ve been working on an add-on for CE (to come in a few days) that will make the GBM a real centre point of the Core-Exiles Experience and whilst it’s been busy of late I suspect over the coming months it Wil become super busy with many 100’s of contracts being placed.

To facilitate this and not having you scrolling like mad men, I have upgraded the GBM to the new Table format. This goes for both the G.B.M itself and also the Add Contract Page. The inner workings have-not been changed, so there is no major change to the G.B.M just a visual one making it quicker and easier to search and filter contracts.

Because you can organise the table by your CS Stock, I have removed one extra page, ‘Your CS Stock’. Simply order by that column to the top and you will see any contracts you have resources for.

The far left ‘Friends’ highlight is still there (anyone in your friends list) and the Guild contracts or players IN your guild contracts are highlighted with a blue backdrop. Using the top filters, you can quickly filter any resource you’re looking for, no more scrolling or ‘find’ in your browser.

On the create contract page, you will note that there is a TYPE box, this works the same as all the others we use, as you type it will start to filter a list of Resources & Commodities that match the filter. (again, a saving on scrolling through over 700 items in a list) When you locate the resource, click on it and then hit the ‘Submit’ Button.

I’m currently working hard on converting the Commercial Store to use the same format, having already converted the CSTS on Dev. Both to be released once fully tested. As I hinted at the start of this post, these two game mechanics needed updating so that when I release the next updater you don’t break your mouses :)


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