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I have spent the last year + putting my personal life back together again and the work has paid off. As I’m now in a better place this means CE will also benefit from much more of my time and more ‘quality’ time. I thought I’d share some of the up coming ideas and practical changes with you that are currently underway.

Elkhorn and I are working on building a proper timeline for you to refer to. It will allow you (those interested in such things) to know WHY your out here in the Sphere and how things ‘started’ and why they ended up the way they did. Also an insight as to why we are going to go back to the Core.

First off not every one HAS to go back to the core, it will be open to captains of a certain level, not new players as they need to learn how CE works before plunging in to mid / high level content, but even new players will be able to make credits and XP supporting those that want to plunge into the Core. For those that want to remain in the Sphere (and its surrounding Galaxies) that’s cool, there will be plenty of work and support required to keep the Core Visits running smoothly.

New items, resources and storylines will be available along with a whole Slew of new styled NPC’s. These will require the new Social Rapport levels (something I’m expanding this week coding away in the background).

Before ‘Returning to the Core’ we will need to get Genesis Plots, Settlements and Starbases all working to pump out new builds, allowing the creation of new starships to travel back to the core and face the A.I enemy on what’s essentially become their own turf. I can’t at this stage go into specifics but it will be an extension of the methods we already use in CE so nothing totally alien for you to lean. I expect it will require ‘teamwork’, but that’s nothing new to Core-Exiles.

It’s a LOT of work for me personally, but one I’ve been working on for a very long time. Now we have Starbases beaten into a basic status and ready to perform their actual purpose, its time to start down this path.

Hopefully as Elk and I start to produce and release the Historical Documents you will begin to understand Core-Exiles and the Sphere in a new light and be ready to return to the core and kick some ass!

I suspect the staff will be groaning at the level of testing I will be asking them to help me with, as I push these changes to dev and start seeing where you guys and ladies will be likely to break it :)

Enjoy the last few weeks of the Paralympics as once we have that and the CE celebration party (to be arranged) completed I will be full tilt on the ‘Return to the Core’ code. Have fun and thank you ALL for your support, be it financial or simply word of mouth!


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