Free Engine Upgrade

CE has been around for a decade and a half now and during that time we have added new engines every so often, but they have always been Store Based. Well, a player put a worm in my ear and I thought it might be time to allow players to grab a Level 3 Engine in game.

We have a new NPC called Amos Deckard, you can find him on Mercenur in Antioch. He likes to pay things forward and as such being an engineer he is able to upgrade either Level 1 or Level 2 Engines.

You will need to collect him some resources (placed in the Local Commercial Store) and when ready he will do the conversion for you. Leaving you with a shiny new Level 3 Engine.

Anyone can make use of Amos, be you a new player or one that’s been playing for a decade and never upgraded.

Another Player Suggestion – Complete.


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