Foundries Online

As reported OVER HERE Dr Maxwell Dickerson & his team of scientists & researchers made a breakthrough in the use of U.A Metals and Minerals. This has led to the creation of a new Promenade Facility aptly called the ‘Exiles Foundry’.

It’s open to all and has a unique function. I’ll let you read the Primer Guide OVER HERE. Anyone can use the Foundry, there is no cost and no initial limitations. That being said later on you may need to learn some Certificates but certainly not for a while.

It will be interesting to see how the prices of U.A Commodities rises and falls over the next few weeks along with the prices of certain resources as players access key Patterns.

Want to know more ? Read about it OVER HERE



  1. von Wolfenbitten says:

    Dammit! Just about the time I think I’ve got this all figured out along comes something new to learn.

    This has to stop!

    Ofc it *is another way to make billions… hmmm

  2. Delandra says:

    Yet another new avenue to spend our time. core-exiles devs keep adding new content to extend an awesome game! So many long and short term projects .. now how do i go about creating nano metals and what will they be used for…

    thanks for the great game!

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