First Starbase Schematics Released

Hi there fellow Exiles…

It’s been a while since my last update, life’s been kicking my ass both professionally and personally. I really need that clone delivering soon! :)
Earlier this week, I quietly slipped out the first set of Schematics for the Starbases.

These include two Reactors and two housing Crew buildings. These are FAR from cheap and will hopefully stoke the GBM to new heights over the next few weeks as the starbase owners crank up their manufacturing systems and begin filling their shopping lists.

I did this release quietly as it required a lot of code change sin the crafting system and I wanted to check with a few crafters that all was still well. I can now report that’s true and so here I am officially announcing their release.

The Schematics for the Buildings and a selection of Modules are on the ALICE Schematic stores and will cost you not only credits but also CAMP Loyalty Tokens.

A BIG ONE TO NOTEEND BUILDINGS – are 1:1 craft PER Schematic. This means they are like the Artifact Schematic builds and will only craft ONE end product. ALL the modules are normal crafting Schematics, and craft as many as you like from a single schematic.

Starbase Helix Reactor Type 1
Starbase Helix Reactor Type 2

Starbase Crew Expansion Habitat 1
Starbase Crew Expansion Habitat 2

The above will save you scanning the store for the End items. I have already begun on several more for each type and started drawing up buildings for the ‘other’ sections of the starbase.

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