Festivities Begin

This time of year we have a lot of Festivities all closely packed together. First up we have Halloween which today marks the start of Loot Drops, Random Events, Give-aways and competitions.

But we then run into Guy Fawkes and then in to Christmas. So I have created a standardised Hand-in Centre. This Festive Office has been added to 18 locations Galaxy wide. It will remain open whilst it has a list of requirements. The Hand-in centres will collect Festive items from you in return for XP and a place in a prize draw.

Each time one Festive collection is completed a Prize draw will take place and random winners awarded a nice Fat Prize. Details on each Prize draw will be posted Separately. Just to note though for EACH item you drop off your name will be entered into the prize draw. So the more you drop off the more chance to be picked :)

Festive Hand-in Centres Open now!

Haven – Feris
Messor – Descarte
Darius – Ethan
Pyragles Base – Gainsboro
Yeltsim – Franklyn
Zwanziq Station – Sunrise

Sabian – Yam
Yonartthakr – Tantas

The Forge
Berolina – Zarante

Fujimori – Trantor

Edna – Mostony
Otaio – Oengo
Habitat-87 – Elmquae

ARK-09 – Aurelia
Starbase-140 – Kirzhach
Janus Station – Metri
Trade Hub 59 – Pevek
Lucious Port – Blake

Prize Draw
The Prize for the current Halloween Hand-in will take place shortly after the current list of requirements is met.
Prizes for this Draw will be 5 X £20 Gift Vouchers to be spent in the CE Store.



  1. PrimeMcNee says:

    The festivities continue and this Halloween is the 4rth I share to celibrate with CE. I love it 🙂

  2. pikolinianita says:

    Cool Game. Really 🙂

    With Great Dev 🙂 Who is doing great Job with updates and upgrades. Thats is most important thing in CE, that even veterans have lot of fun 🙂


  3. Navile says:

    Core Exiles is a great place for lazy last-minute ne’er-do-wells like me, Captain Navile!

  4. MadMaxxx says:

    Love this Halloween thingies xD

  5. Zoorland says:

    Whether tempting me with treats or entertaining me with tricks, Core Exiles always knows how to celebrate the holidays. 🙂 I’m always a big fan of the ticker constantly handing out prizes throughout the holiday and the collections keep us on our toes looking for those specific bits and bobs we need.

    The Halloween celebrations may be nearing their conclusion by now but the holiday season is just warming up, and I am looking forward to every minute of it.


  6. FishON says:

    I want my Halloween prize!!!!!

    Capt. FishON

    • FishON says:

      Oops my bad it’s already been delivered, I thought didn’t follow the rules by not putting my captain’s name my first post.

      Well, Happy halloween and good luck to your pumpkin gathering.

  7. easyjaws says:

    Captians Easyjaws here
    Hello to all of CE
    The Halloween competitions are always fun, you get plenty of festive points & experience points & goofy looking characters
    Popping up everywhere. This starts the fun time of year where coops & devs keep giving away awesome stuff throughout the holidays.

  8. OzzyCat says:

    my litty snarg loves the pet treats, i look forward to buying them every halloween to keep him happy
    The give aways from now until Xmas are j ust awesome

    Ca0tain OzzyCat

  9. Manic Nova says:

    Halloween goodies are awesome! And @ lvl 45 I haven’t tried half of what’s possible in CE – not to speak of the upcoming events (oooh I believe in Space Santa):-)

  10. somebody says:

    This is a very good time to join Core Exiles because you’re just in time for the festive season, with many holiday items to collect and many prizes to win!

  11. RJWaters says:

    another awesome giveaway ,hopefully ill be able to remeber to play enough to get something from this one

  12. jcheung says:

    The constant stream of competitions is very nice, as well as the community of players.

  13. Rexx Shredd says:

    I am incredible!! Thank you all for making me awesome!…………………….oh, and CE is cool too

  14. XPLODE says:

    Just registered yesterday, having fun so far.

    Can’t really comment much since i’m new but i get the feeling i’ll be spending allot of time in this game.

    Cap’n XPLODE

  15. somebody says:

    I like free stuff and events 😀


  16. Strongwood says:

    Thanks to Coops and the entire staff for the hard work they put into the game. The competitions and opportunity to get free items is greatly appreciated.
    Captain Strongwood

  17. Alan Sinclair says:

    ahh its Halloween, ghosts,goblins and the great pumpkin another cool compition and all you have to do long is log in to win something. best game ever 🙂

  18. STONE says:

    I have been enjoying this game for a couple years now and always find something different to do so I have never been bored with the same thing twice in a row…unless you count killing Aliens and Pirates…GO Core-Exiles…Have fun all…Cap’n STONE

  19. Akkamaddi says:

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  20. Jager 602 says:

    I just really enjoy playing Core-exiles. There’s so much to do, so much to try and keep track of. I Can fight, explore, build, mine, or try doing all of it. I love that my fellow players helped me get over my fear of using Commercial Storage 🙂 It’s great that festive items are a thing, too. Getting an email saying that I won a prize? That was the best part of my workday… Mostly, I’m happy that after having played it years ago and loving it then, I have a chance to play again. Thanks Coops!

    Jager 602

  21. Marcus says:

    Always fun to take part in the competitions. Thanks Coops

  22. MrOpsO says:

    Thanks for the new cabin systems Coops, they add a great part to the higher level game – now I just need to work out how to get all the modules so I can build one.

  23. Elkhorn says:

    More goodies! CE is a game that encourages players to stay around. They look for ways to give away prizes, meaningful prizes. If you aren’t playing yet, get an account!

  24. Mattrat says:

    I like this game so much that Facebook sends me “We miss you” messages.

  25. NBailey says:

    Another year into Core-Exiles and another Festive Season! This is the kick-off of a long string of festivities with many competitions and LOTS of give-aways. I am looking forward to hopefully another ‘Stomp The Staff ‘ mech battle as well over the Christmas break.

    This is always a good time of the year (there never is a bad time) to send out an extra Thank You to Coops and the Staff for the extra time they always devote during Christmas.

    Captain NBailey

  26. Arnica says:

    So many possibilities to accomplish in this game that I have trouble with not ending what I have started! Keep it simple is what I have to do! Deepening the already generous content available will keep me happy.


  27. Captain Bethany says:

    There’s always something going on in CE. New item rollouts, new galaxies, and competitions keep things fresh.

  28. LocutusBorg says:

    Hah, who need to excuse to shoot to the pirates…
    …or anything at all, ha! 😛
    (now I am waiting for this big Gal-Fed cruiser chasing me…)

    Nice sweet pumpkin O2 for free – thank you Devs!


  29. Sukayo says:

    So complicated to follow 1-4 to have fun ….. 1+2 done
    Cpt. Sukayo …. 3 done

  30. FishON says:

    Want more pumpikins here please!!! and may Lady Luck shines upon us all in the up coming draw of this halloween event 😀

  31. MarcSp says:

    Marcsp has been here for years and its amazing how the competitions have grown and expanded
    during that time. You can just coast along and pick up a few items with no effort, and get a small reward,
    or fully immerse yourself into hunting items and horse-trading them up to get the big prizes.
    The events add a lot of spice to the game, this perks you up so that things never get boring.

  32. aRJay says:

    CE’s festive season gets underway with the Halloween Treats, play and win (as long as you remember to hand in). This year I even have a festive collection NPC on my settlement of Diaspar.

    Captain aRJay.

  33. Zaniah says:

    Thank you for all the little extra things you do like all the fun festivities! Always something going on to keep your attention, never a dull moment!!


  34. Squirt says:

    Happy Halloween everyone and thanks for the competition and the freebies Mr.C. 🙂

    Capt. Squirt

  35. garavi says:

    Yes, more playing and more enjoyment for us. Thank you 🙂

  36. SpaceBucks says:

    This years festivities look like a Hoot on a moonlit night.

    Just remember, no one can hear you scream in space 🙂

    Happy Halloween to one and all!


  37. Locknload says:

    Once again I want to thank Coops and Staff for their Hard Work in keeping this Unique and always Fun Game Experience up and running 🙂


  38. Nobody says:

    I am new to all this, but it sure looks like a lot of fun … the rest of the game definitely has been !!
    Someone mentioned “Free Stuff” ?? I hope it’s not the pumpkins ! 😀

    When ya get a bad pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie it is !!
    Capt Nobody

  39. Renfield says:

    Hey, Pirates like pumpkins too!

    And those pumpkins are multiplying faster than ribbelz so there are enough to go around.

    You’d think after we showed up and pushed back the AI attack for you that we would get some respect, but no………

  40. Levi Gage says:

    Thank you so much for all the hard work, content, competitions and lovely prizes!

  41. Porrima says:

    This is a fun competition which I enjoy every year. As a long time player – nearly six years now-these events and the continuing release of content keep the game fresh.

    Many thanks to Coops and the development team!

  42. Alumoi says:

    As always, great competitions and great prizes.
    Captain Alumoi

  43. Diarri says:

    My first CE Festivities and I’m having a lot of fun! 🙂

  44. Delandra says:


    like so many things within core-exiles. this is yet another thing to do.

    not enough time in the day..


  45. Deathsgate says:

    Following in the Core Exiles Tradition of ‘Competitions for the Various Holidays’, we are into another Halloween Blitz !! — grab the pumpkins, trade them in for instant Fuel or XP OR get them in for distribution to the Kiddies and gain XP AND a chance at the BIG ONE !! — a draw held in early November to close out this years Halloween Party — DON’T forget to cash in those Serial Numbers for Mech Packs and XP

    I wouldn’t miss it !!

  46. fjiekie says:

    again an extra effort from the devs for our enjoyment! 😀

    capt Fjiekie

  47. Korth says:

    Another great competition that would be nice to win as I could advance my Genesis settlements. I really like the CE competitions, that wiith the constantly added content make CE a great game
    And Coops, a nice “Treat” would be a couple of sentences on the status of Star-bases.
    Capt Korth

  48. Siddharth says:

    nice Compedetion and prizes 🙂
    Captain Siddharth

  49. Darakhoranon says:

    As always, this is a good time to get some free stuff (and even a chance for a nice extra prize). And an excuse to shoot those despicable pirates for stealing pumpkins – not that you really need one, but you know… 😉

    Now I only have to convince my ship’s A.I. that shooting the collection NPCs is NOT advisable (she’s a little trigger-happy). Wish me luck…


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