Festive Office Christmas Staff Reshuffle

Today see’s the recall of the November festive staff and the dispatching of the Christmas New Year Festive Staff to 29 locations in the CE Universe. These are all on Settlements that have requested a Festive NPC in the last few months.

These NPCs all offer IP, XP Festive Points and Fuel Tickets.

A nice fat reward for a small collection of differing Christmas Festive items.

You can find the Festive Staff on the CE finder by looking for Giggles McCleary, Cracker Jack and Grinch Greg.

Thank you to all of you taking part this year in our festive period. Keep one beady eye stalk firmly fixed on the forums for more info on up coming events.


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  1. akkamaddi says:

    There are regular seasonal events throughout the year. Christmas is one of the best for valuable boosters, so get them now! 🙂

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