Federation Of Mining Update

Federation Of Mining
This morning, the F.O.M office has received the upgrade to the new filter office view that many of the others have received lately. I have NOT changed how the office works, other than to increase (quite a lot) how many missions are offered per viewing.

For now, I have left the regen in place, as you can only carry one F.O.M Mission at any one time. (Perhaps a conversation could be help for holding more than one (not same field). But I’ll leave that to you to raise.

F.O.M Missions can be quite lucrative if you pick them up when you’re far from home, or intending on travelling a long way. I have left the level 10 lock out for players outside the Sphere. Thinking there is to not get them too far from the sphere chasing down large pay days. Again, I’m open to discussion on this is its needed.

I also ran an eye over the take mission and hand mission code to ensure it’s cleaned up and more in line. Again, no actual changes were made so your Hallowed FOM office still does the same thing, just a little better :)


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